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&*%$#%^ linguistics lessons

Never let it be said that this is not an educational and informative blog.

Tonight, we will improve your swearing vocabulary, thanks to The Guardian.

First lesson comes from the Insultmonger. This evening we will swearin the language of Catalan, because it is so close to my last name.

Our whipping boy tonight will be Ted Rall.

Ted Rall is a capoll who likes to cascar-se-la with his nino inflable. He also is a ximple, beneit, creti. As well as a pandero.

Now, repeat that back a few times. Translate on your own.

Now, I've done my job in educating you. It's your turn. Use the 1811 Dictionary of Vulgar Tongue or Roger's Profanisaurus to come up with your own insults, not necessarily directed at Ted Rall. Or me.


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I am sorry to report numerous innacuracies in the Russian and Hebrew departments of the Insultmonger.

It's not much for Japanese either.

But thanks to the 1811 dictionary I have a new word. A "beau nasty" is an overdressed swell who isn't very clean.

What a band name.

The Beau Nasites.

Sounds like Rockabilly with Marshall stacks to me.


My wife's native language has a swear word, "okieneniyo", which translates into "your mother's cunt". There is a related term, "okienenana", which you can use in mixed company, as it excludes them, which the first word doesn't. It also has gender-sepcific insults, which is weird, as the third-person pronouns are neutral.
A "gagu" is a male idiot or fool, while a "gaga" in her words, "Is worse than prosti", which I suggest means that the nearest cognate in English is slut.

Isn't comparative linguistics fun?