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Just a note - I am really, really incredibly behind on my email. I get a ton of it and I like to answer every single one - even the hate mail -, but sometimes it takes me a while, so please know that if you are expecting a return email from me and you haven't heard from me yet, I'm getting there.

If there's something you need me to respond to right away, or you are sending me a link to a story that's timely and needs to be blogged about soon, just put a little "read asap" in the header. And if it turns out your email wasn't really important and you just put the "asap" in there anyhow, I'll put a hex on you and you will receive nothing but Nigerian scam letters and penis enlargement spam from now on.


Hex?! Big deal, that's the only kind of email I get these days anyway.

You may want to send the penis enlarger e-mail to this guy who had to use his lack of size to fight an exposure charge...

You answer the hate mail?

Are you nuts?

Just delete it. It's so not worth your time.

I love Nigerian email spam. You can send me that stuff all day long. I answer them and even try to get them on the phone. Some day I'll probably get an audio blog out of it.

Ok, I sent you an email to let you know that I was expecting a reply. I also sent you an email marked asap telling you to look at the email asking for a reply. Should I send an email marked double asap so you'll look at the asap email faster? In case you're wondering, the original email was to apologize for sending you a bunch of crap email.

You mean this hex will mean no more unreadable Korean spam, no more septic tank spam (I have city sewer), no more clear my credit spam (I have zero debt), et cetera? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

I sent you a link to the greatest Flash animation of all time (retarded animal babies 4), hope you didn't think it was spam :)

No one fears email
Hexing or cursing now days!
Just post their home phone . . .