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survey says: would you buy this book?

The Cafe Press printing press is open for business, and I am going to take advantage of it. I think.

First, I must conduct a marketing survey.

If I were to put a book together of my ASV stuff (which would include my Blogcritics stuff as well), would you be interested in purchasing it?

Do you have any favorite posts you would like to see included? Favorite topics?

Please note that I am probably going to put together a book with Mig as well, of our Raising Hell stuff and other parenting essays and while I may cross-publish some of the stories, I would like to keep most of the parenting stuff for that book.

Is there anyone who would like to give me a hand editing the stories I decided to use?

And really, would you buy it? You can be honest and say something like "Why would I buy it if I can just go in your archives and read your stuff for free? Do you think I am a sucker with money to throw away?" That's what surveys are all about, giving honest answers.

Hah. That was a joke.

Also, is The Gentle Art of Making Enemies a good working title? I was also thinking of Sex, Sex, Sex! It's all about the deceptive marketing, you know.


The idea has promise.

Of course I'd buy the book. I happen to know that you're quite talented. And if you get rich, you can buy me a house. Come on, get on board, people! I need a place to live!

I could probably help out with editing/proofreading type stuff.

As for content, I'd definitely put some Ted Rall/Mark Morford fisking in there if it's allowed, and possibly some stuff you've written that hasn't been made public, since that'd probably encourage more people to buy the book. Maybe.

I'd buy the book in theory...but I'm pretty cashless right now. I know, theory doesn't make you any money.

alas, i'd be willing to help you proofread if you so desire.

Actually, now that you mention it, I'm kinda curious about the quality of Cafe Press's print-on-demand service.

I'd buy the book. I think it would be hard to choose posts, since there are many good ones, but you could pick a general theme for the book and find ones that fit it well (or even peripherally)

Does your kids know about the Raising Hell book? Jus' wonderin'...

And the Gentle Art... title is excellent.

I think it's a brilliant idea. I'd love to help you with it, if you'd let me.

I've been thinking a lot, lately, about how bloggers are too inwardly focused. I guess it was from spending a week out in the "real world" and realizing that NOBODY knows (or cares) about this stuff. We're just a bunch of geeks writing stuff for other geeks who are writing stuff for other geeks.

Instapundit is like the biggest of the big in the blogoversinetasphere. Ask the next normal, non-geek you meet if they read it. (Other than the similarly self-focused media types.)

Or ask if they know who Chris Pirillo is. Nothing against the mighty gnome, but he was on TV and people still go "who?" (I tried explaining Gnomedex, and the closest I got was someone thinking it was an anime convention.)

My point is: how many readers do you have that DON'T have their own blog? And if they do, like you said, why would they buy a book of stuff they have already read or can look up for free? Publishing a book of your blog writing for the non-wired is not only a great plan, it's the best way for your awesome writing to make it out into the real world.

Yahhh. I'd definitely buy any book with sex in the title. I'm too lazy to write my own blog,,,and is as lazy in reading other people's blogs...should have reduced 10 on my list to 3 blogs. Of course yours will be one of the 3. Now, do i get a free book or what?

If you name it Sex! Sex! Sex!, you have to put a pic of your breasteses on the cover...

Dammit woman, I just read that CafePress Email and was thinking of publishing a collection of my stories, too. Now you go ahead and beat me to the punch! And you're even thinking of using my subtitle of 'Sex, sex, sex!'


I just might be interested in purchasing a book published by yourself, but I'm curious as to what would be included for publication. Will it be a book showing one woman's gradual change from one political viewpoint to another, or will it be a book about something else entirely?

Either way, you publishing a book sounds like a great idea to me.

I like your personal things the best, although they are probably the more painful and sensitive to publish. But I think they make the best reading for the non-blogger audience. People are inherently nosy and like to look inside other people's lives.

My favorite was the Disneyworld "Vienna Waits For You" post.

I liked what you wrote about your friend's son's Bar Mitzvah.

I like the one you just wrote about Demi and Ashton and you and Justin.

And you should include the ones that trace your post-9-11 political metamorphisis because that's a hot topic and interesting stuff.

And yes, I'd buy it and give it to friends who don't read blogs.

I didn't mean to imply that I wouldn't buy it, by the way. I'm a sucker for you for some reason. Maybe it's rabies from all the biting. ;p

Solonor: Based on Michele's comment sections, and the size of her audience, I'd say that there are plenty of us non-bloggers, addicted to Blogs in general, and this one to be specific.

This is a positive not a negative. Yes, a book could reach a non-wired audience (e.g. my family that doesn't understand my obsession, to whom I'd buy as a gift to them to help them understand my time wasting habit). But, I'd buy it myself. Think of it as a "Best of" album . Hell, I'm too lazy to wade through some of Michele's crappy posts to find the real gems ; ). Instead, I'd just buy the book.


From a business case stand point I'd like to know what the "break-even" volume would be for such an endeavor (assuming a reasonable price for the book; read Barnes & Nobles discount price; was used). I agree with Allison's comments on the content. I think extra comments on why you posted what you posted as segues between your essays would be very interesting.

I'd buy it.

I'd buy two.


Assuming CafePress's pricing structure... no way. A 250 page book (no matter how big the pages, according to them) will run the buyer $14.50... and that's just the money CafePress keeps. Tack on to that anything the seller (in this case, you) wants to make as a profit (say, $1 a book), and suddenly you're paying more than fifteen bucks for a paperback book half the page count of a good novel.

As much as I enjoy your site, I don't think I could spend that much for that amount of content.

What Allison said. I love your "Raising Hell" posts. It helps me feel not so alone.

I'll buy one. Maybe two. Will even pre-order it. ;)