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let there be thanks

I was all set to write this post when I decided to hit the blogroll first. And there, at Rita's site, was a nice little thank-you post that warmed my heart because it was so sweet and thoughtful.

I can't beat her heartwarming phrasing, but here's what I was planning on writing anyhow.

First, I want to take this moment to thank anyone and everyone who has every dropped coinage in my tip jar or bought something from my wishlist - going back to our wedding last August (margarita glasses, coffee pot, can opener, cheese grater, toaster, books, cds, videos..just to name a few items) right up until today, when I received (thanks, Daniel) the Meet the Feebles DVD in the mail.

I'm a big believer in the whole pay it forward idea. So every time someone buys me something or donates to me, I turn around and do the same for another blogger. Spreading the shared wealth, I call it.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me for the Blogathon this year - you can see the whole list in the sidebar - and everyone who donated last year as well for the Daniel Pearl Foundation. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Pizza for the IDF charity drive, and to everyone who donated to Trooptrax and helped me out with that site, especially Keith.

While I hated - no, loathed - the movie Pay it Forward, I still believe in the heart of the idea. Spread the shared wealth. Spread the thanks. Give a little of yourself. It feels really good for you, but it feels even better for the person who you are giving to.

The blogosphere can be a total cesspool sometimes. Hell, the whole internet can. But it doesn't have to always be that way. So thanks to everyone who makes this incredibly wide and diverse community something worth participating in.

Hey, my Dr. Frank cd came in the mail today. I'm going to get my headphones, enjoy the music and then buy a copy for someone else and share the joy. You cannot download happiness and serenity on Kazaa, kids. You have to work for it.

[No, I'm not drunk. I'm just in a very good mood today]


Thanks! I just thought we all needed reminding that there's still lots more good guys than asshats.

BTW, thanks for the poetry link...Mike & I are reading the entries to each and laughing our asses off.

You always find the best stuff.

There's some rather cool people out there swimming in the cesspool. Ya just gotta find 'em.

Sharing the love is one of my favorite things too. I like the warm fuzzy feelings when I anonymously do something nice and unexpected for someone.

Nothing wrong with a good mood. Nothing at all.