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talkin' baseball

This time it means something.

Yea, right.

voodooclemens.gifSo, home field advantage is at stake. Is that going to make this annual bore-fest any better? If karma really does indeed exist, the game will go 146 inning and Bud Selig will be squirming in his seat the entire time, knowing that he can't call the game a tie or he'll be burned in effigy. He'll have a heart attack at inning 100 and his stooges will still be afraid to call the game for fear of public backlash and they'll just keep playing ball while Selig yells for nitroglycerin.

And then, if karma is really having a good night, Roger Clemens will bean someone with a fast ball and Mike Piazza will come running onto the field and beat the crap out of Clemens with Sammy Sosa's corked bat.

Now, that would be an interesting game.

And welcome back, Rickey Henderson. Oh, how we missed you. Not. There's never been a more egotistcal, selfish, self-centered, crybaby, injury faking, hamstring pulling, locker room cancer, pussy of a player. Even if he is hung like....Sammy Sosa's corked bat.

Speaking of Roger, I wonder how many people are sticking pins in their Clemens Voodoo Bobbleheads, pissed off about how he snuck onto the team at the last minute? Go ahead, Barry Zito, stick away. Don't let me stop you.

Just a gentle reminder: Don't go stealing anyone's Yankee cap.

That last link brought to you by Hi, I'm Black!, who seems to have a hard time linking Yankee fans. Fine, be that way. Freaking sore loser Met A's fan. At least he knows what's wrong with baseball. So I'll be nice and link him, even if ignores me.

Someday I'm going to make one of those audblog posts, and it will be nothing but a replay of Bucky Dent hitting that home run. Yea, that one.

I'm in a good mood, so I feel like pissing people off tonight. It's how I get my jollies.


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Oh jeez. Vanessa Carlton runs out to sing the National Anthem, and has to hold her top up to keep from showing the world her (jailbait) stuff. I'm ill.

Weren't we just talking about that?

Thanks baseball. Real classy start.

I'm sorry, whoever approved of bringing in Vanessa Carlton to sing the national anthem at the All-Star game, then allowing her to LIP-SYNCH because she can't sing a lick, ought to be tarred and feathered. Not the way to try to convey a sense of authenticity about the game...

Gotta agree with Glenn (aka I'm Black) with what's wrong with the game, but he still skips over the obvious problem. Baseball is a simple game: You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball.

In today's environment, you think about throwing the ball............ you step out of the batter's box while the pitcher thinks about throwing the ball........ you pause and wait for the batter to get back in the batter's box to reset...... (repeat 100 and 50 frickin' times before even the 5th inning!!!!)

Talk about your "unwritten rules"! Even at the minor league level, the games last over 3 hours on average. When I yell: "Come on, get in the batter's box! It's past my son's bedtime and I promised him that we'd stay for the fireworks after the game!", the players in the home dugout glare at me EVEN THOUGH THE OTHER TEAM IS AT BAT!

Not all Mets fans are like that... That's all I got to say about that :-)

I knew Clemens would weasel his way into the all star game.

A's fan, thank you very much.

I have absolutely zero interest in the Major Leagues anymore. I still can't believe I forgot about the All-Star Game. It was never that thrilling a game, but it was baseball, and it was another chance to yell at all the Yankee players with my dad. sigh

Oh, and I'm thinking of two words. You know the ones.

I still have a friend who curses Bucky everyday.
My earlyst memory of a baseball game was watching Ralph Terry come out to pitch in the last series game of 1960 and thinking "this isn't right , he just pitched, he must be tired" , I knew what was going to happen, and I was pissed because I was right. Not bad for a little kid.

Well, Michele almost got her wish. That last shot by Furcal sure looked good off the bat!

In keeping with tonight's theme, I guess we should be thankful that baseball is still an essentially traditional game being played with wooden bats on (mostly) real grass. No titanium bats, neon light enhanced catcher's mitts or dayglo orange balls allowed...

I know two words: Yankees Suck.

...Roger Clemens will bean someone with a fast ball and Mike Piazza will come running onto the field and beat the crap out of Clemens...

I didn't know you wre so good at comedy.

Actually, Vanessa Carlton is 22.

Just thought that needed to be pointed out.

I dont recall who it was, but SOMEBODY got domed last night. Whoops!