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football season: the shirt


I am closing that site now. I am not going to spend the rest of the evening making silly shirts and bemoaning my lack of artistic talent.


Too bad, your latest shirt pretty much captures my sporting mood right now.

Thank you, damnit, for another damn time-waster. Damnit. Heh.

And you call yourself a Yankee fan.

There are but two seasons a year: baseball season and off-season.

From the last pitch of the World Series until the glorious phrase "pitchers and catchers report", the world is plunged into darkness, violence and meaninglessness.

I haven't even watched 5 minutes of football since a Super Bowl some time during Slick's first term.

I like sports where a big slob like David Wells can be a star.

So, Michele? Are you going to be watching football on ESPN?

With Rush Limbaugh?

<ducks and runs>