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now selling

I found this great site, PixelTees, where you can design your own (pixelated) shirts and sell them - or just make them for fun.

Here's my first, very simple design.


You can find it here.

Which gives me an idea. Sponsor me for blogathon and I'll make a shirt especially for you. I'll be making them and showing them off for all the people who sponsored me already. There will be a different saying and/or picture for each sponsor, chosen at my discretion.

Ah, another great time waster.


So does a direct contribution in your name count as sponsorship?

Oh this looks fun fun fun. I'll be sticking with you during blogathon. I need time wasters.

This could be interesting....

Why can't any of these shirt sites do shirts with pockets. I haven't worn a pocket-less t-shirt in years.

Though pocket-protectorless, this geek ALWAYS carries a chrome fine-point pen (the fine point also helps reset the PDA).

That's very thoughtful, I especially like what you did with Indymedia t-shirt. With shirts like those, you might even make some money too as people will want them.