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Blogathon News

Just as I've crossed the $1,000 mark in donations, Meryl has crossed the $2,000 mark. Good for her, we are all in this together anyhow. Lair's got $555 and we have $1900 that was donated straight to MDA, in the name of the Blogathon.

We still have hopes of raising $60,000 for an ambulance. There's 12 days left. If you can't donate - and we totally understand if you can't - just a link on your website mentioning our efforts will go a long way.

You can see the list of my donors in the sidebar.

I would particularly like to thank Chuck, MB and Kathy, NZ Bear, Ara and LT Smash for doing their best to send people over here (or Mery's or Lair's).

For those who said they are having a hard time figuring out which of the three of us to sponsor, it doesn't matter. It is all going towards the same goal, just put the names in a hat and pick one!

For more information, just look up at top of the page. All the links you need are there. 12 MORE DAYS! Help us get that ambulance!

Now, for the fun part of the blogathon: coming up with something to write about for 24 hours. I'm still taking suggestions. In fact, just give me a topic and I will write a post about it.

For my sponsors, give me a subject and I will take a photo of it and write a post about said subject for you, dedicated to you.

Yes, if you sponsor me you can get a dedication as well.

Thanks to everyone who has donated and/or spread the word so far.


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Great effort...can you raise money for me next....I hate cyberbegging but please :)

Woo hoo! Congrats! I've only raised $177, but I'm pleased for the puggies who will get it.

Just wanted to let you know (and couldn't find an e-mail address) that I have pledged $18 dollars. 18 in numerology of the Hebrew Alphabet stands for "Hai" (alive). (Meryl and the Amish got the same).

By the way, they asked for my legal name, whatever that means, and I felt a bit uncomfortable about it, so I've gone for the anonymous option. But you'll know it's me, hopefully, because of the amount.