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more on song lyrics: oblivious and obscure

Dean had a great entry last week on obscure songs - the songs you love that you think no one else has heard. His readers shared quite a few and of course I added mine.

My favorite obscure song:

Aztec Camera, Back on Board (Though generally anything from their album High Land, Hard Rain would qualify). Lyrics below.

The whole album falls into that category of music I wrote about the other night - when the lyrics and the music just come together so beautifully, it's art.

Everything I own by this band is on vinyl, including the 12" of Oblivious which is backed with an amusing acoustic version of Van Halen's Jump. Now I'm left without a turntable and I suppose it's time to get this stuff on CD so I can enjoy it once again.

You can never get your youth back but you can sure relive it through the lyrics and chords of its time.

Faces of Strummer that fell from you wall
And nothing was left where they hung

Ah, yes. You can read so much into that.

Unlike other songs.

Of course, what works for me will not necessarily work for you.

Back On Board

Heard it said it's a stupid thing,
Everything that I follow through
Never got to our god, you see.
Abandoned with a taste of the new, new, new
And everytime that whistle blows I'm stranded in my shoes.

Get me back on board, pull me up with grace
Get me back on board, let me be embraced

'Cos even after all those words I want you for my own
Touch me when the sun comes up and tell me that we're home

We'll take a train to the graves again
That we can learn the value of life
Kick the snow with our shoe heels,
Shivers give a smile in the night.
Hey, honest to goodness girl
I'd kiss you with the lips of the lord
But to be honest to goodness,
I feel I have to wait for the work, work, work
And everytime that whistle blows I'm stranded in my shoes.


'Cos I'm always, always trying to be the archetypal free
The strangest something went to sleep, I buckled at the knees
So here we go, digging through those dustbins, giving things new names



Funny, I had picked We Could Send Letters from the same album.

Now that was eerie. Mine would be Lost Outside the Tunnel. I didn't think anyone else had that album. Wild.

I loved Aztec Camera. There was one song on the album "Knife" that I thought was one of the most gorgeous things ever. Trouble is, it's been so many years since I heard it, I can't remember the name of the song or what it was about.

What about The Waterboys, "This is the Sea"? Another lost great.


Or Alexander's Timeless Blues Band, "Today the Man Who Kills the Ants Came By"?

bizarre.. indeed.. one of my favorite 80s songs is also from that album - This Boy Wonders

ANd i'm with David.. The Waterboys were, in general, a totally fantastic band