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Banzai. You won't believe it unless you see it.

Chickens floating away on balloons. Guess which geisha is wearing the red panties. And now, a soccer match between a one-legged kicker and a one-armed goalie. And you can bet on all these events on line.

Oh geez, there are old ladies in those motorized carts crashing into each other now. It's like geriatric Jackass.

And now here's a priest, a rabbi and Lou Ferrigno. No, it's not the beginning of a joke. It's the Soul Speed contest. The winner gets the soul of some baby.

Yes, it's horrifying, demoralizing, disgusting, depraved, sick, contributing to the decline of moral civilization and tasteless.

And I'm watching it.


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Have you seen TNN's Japanese import, "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge"? It's more of the same.

I watched that tonight too, but I couldn't take it it was too cheesy.

We need more television programs imported from Japan. It's hilarious.

Trust me, Japanese television is something that should only be consumed in small doses. A couple of days in Japan will make you never want to see or hear another television as long as you live.


Except that Banzai! isn't exported from Japan; it's exported from Great Britain. It's a British show.

I saw it three years ago when Fred and I spent a few days visiting friends in the UK. We found it on late night television, Channel 4. We were fascinated.

When I saw an ad for it tonight, I jumped all over TiVo getting a Season Pass set.

"Betting ends!"

Gotta disagree with you on that one, David, all the best Japanese shows are at least three hours long and I can easily get sucked into a couple back to back.

Glad to hear Banzai is back in North America, it was on in Canada for a brief time two years ago. My favourite one was looking at five guys in profile and trying to guess which one had the lazy eye.

interesting. I missed the show. but if we are talking about british shows- I just loved the one set in a department store- with mrs. slocum and the very feminine older man... the name escapes me right now- I'm sure I'll think of it later... plus my sister thinks Keeping Up Appearances is hilarious!

Bye, bye, Larry. Thank you for your sacrifice to science.

Countess, "Are You Being Served?" is the one you were thinking of.

Banzai's on its 3rd or 4th series over here now I think. It gets a bit repetitive after a while, but I'm always impressed by how many has-been celebrities they get to participate in the challenges.

I hate to admit it, but I love shows like Banzai and Jackass. On the flip side, I also love shows such as NOVA and Scientific American Frontiers. I don't quite understand why I like such programming extremes. Perhaps on one side the belly laughs I get from shows like Jackass. A half an hour of laughing until it hurts is quality time in my book. On the flip side, an hour of learning new things and/or expanding on things already known is also quality time in my book.

What I can't stand is about 99.9% of the rest of the garbage on TV. Most of it is as vacuous as outer space and a retread of the same 3 plots you have seen in every other show/movie/after school special.

IMHO we need more shows like this! This is pure silly harmless entertainment. This is just a televised circus act and should be treated with all the seriousness that one would give to a sideshow act at the local carnival. It's simply just meant to be fun and entertaining and not a social commentary.

The bonus with shows like this is that they help a cause I fully support: Social Darwinism. They help weed out the truly stupid people who don’t quite seem to understand what “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” means. If people can’t understand what that means then I shudder in horror to think what other simple statements the geniuses who imitate these shows will fail to understand later in life (provided their stupidity doesn’t kill them first). For example: “MERGE LEFT” or “SCHOOL ZONE” or “REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING”.

From a technical side (being a software and network engineer) I found the "interactive" portion of the show to be done quite well. I tracked the delays between the show and my network and (surprisingly) found the delay to be hovering right around 0.8 seconds. It’s really quite amazing when you think about it.

Ok, so that last part was a little geeky, so sue me. :)


So it's British? THAT explains Burt Kwouk as the announcer (he's actually a pretty famous actor in the UK).

British? I think it's actually a mixture, the handshaking man is a friend of mine from Iowa.

Saw it in the UK, too. Ah, Mr. Shake Hands Man. And Lady One Question! How I've missed them. But I missed the beginning, do they still use the theme from "Enter the Dragon"?

Posted about this on my blog and someone commented that "Aren't you the least bit curious about how - and if - those chickens got down alive?"

Ummm... yeah. That very obvious string from the table to the harness somehow told me not to worry about it. Sheesh, damn hippies...