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about the Garbage Pail Kids, they never lie*

harrypotty.gif "After being off the market for 15 years, a new series of the hugely successful stickers that entertained children in the mid-1980s with depictions of bodily functions will be released in August by The Topps Co. "

Of course, you remember the Garbage Pail kids. You either loved them or hated them, depending on your age and your sense of gross-out humor. Yea, I was already out of high school when they came out, but I still loved them. How could you not find a place in your heart for Up Chuck, New Wave Dave or my sister's favorite, Phony Lisa? Yes, there was a Michelle Muck, but it had two L's so that doesn't count.

I think this is a great idea, consumer wise. Kids like to laugh, they love fart and bathroom humor and collecting cards is all the rage. Somewhere between the Pokemon and Magic stage, lies the heart of the Garbage Pail Kids demographic. And who are the parents of those kids, the ones who will be shelling out money so their kids can gross each other out? The parents who bought the cards themselves the first time.

Of course, not everyone is convinced.

"I'm kind of surprised they're releasing it, because I think kids may be beyond this," said Mark Long, author of "Bad Fads" and operator of the Bad Fads Museum Web site.

I guess that's why Mark is in charge of the Bad Fads museum and not the Fads that Still Exist Because People Do Not Let Pop Culture of their Youth Die Museum.

One only has to look at the sales for Captain Underpants books (complete with whoopie cushion!) or hear how the kids howl with laughter during the three second fart scene in Finding Nemo to realize how wrong Mark Long is. Wrong Long. There's a GPK card for you!

Anyhow, I'm anxiously awaiting the August arrival/revival of the Garbage Pail kids. I just hope they come out with a Natalie card (Noxious Natalie, perhaps?) so I can bestow an embarassing nickname on her for those times she decided to announce that she hates me in public.

[And I'm wondering if I shouldn't come up with some blogger GPK cards. No, no..don't try to stop me]

* You do know that song, right?


What serendipity! As I type this, my husband is digging through our storage unit in Iowa to look for his collection. A complete one, I'm proud to say. ;)

Yeah, I care a lot.

cool, i can finally add to my collection of conquests. i think i stopped at three back in the day.

I'll still never forget the movie...

My favorite GPK was "Decaptiated Hedy". I don't know if I even still have my old cards. I'll have to look around the house once.

I was sitting at dinner in a restaurant in Tucson when I saw the CNN ticker on the bar TV say they were bringing back the GPK -- first thought: "Can't they actually create something new instead of just bringing back what's already been done?"; second thought: "WE CARE A LOT!!!!"

I remember wanting those when I was little, but Mom never let us have them. Those darn mothers with their rules.

Oh, man - I loved those when I was in grade school, but was too much of a puss to buy my own, so I just looked at my friends' cards...

screw the garbage pail kids. i want my Wacky Packs back.

I bought a box of the new series on ebay for $21.50 - not bad.

I have a near complete set, including all variations!! Also all empty boxes and wrappers and posters. Man - is there a name for this illness?

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