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about that sluggish story...

I got quite a few emails today from people who read my short story and felt like they didn't want to comment on it publicly.

I have the comments on that story open for a reason. I can never be a professional writer if I don't know how to take criticism. I prefer constructive criticism, but any other comments will be appreciated as well.

I put the story up here for a reason. In all my years of writing - and we're talking about almost 30 years worth - I've never put out my fiction publicly for anyone to see. Creative writing classes in college don't count.

It took all of my strength to do that, so the feedback you give me will mean a lot.

Whether you want to comment on the site itself or send me an email, it's ok to tell me if for some reason you don't like the story or if there's something about it you thought I could do differently.

Of course, it's ok to write and tell me you liked it, as well.



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An author's definition of constructive criticism: four thousand words of closely reasoned adulation.