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Jane, you ignorant slut intelligent canadian

Dear Jane,

What do you have against Star Wars jammies? Should I take them off?

I think Vader looks really good on me.

Also, the answer to your question is NO. Can I be Canadian now?


Welcome abroad!

You must now learn the magical Canadian skills of mutual respect, playing well with others, and 24-hour donut shops.

Good luck.

I've got the donut shop (Krispy Kreme). The other two...eh.

But I know what offsides is!

a) nothing, as long as you're wearing them with your hot hubby and not blogging from your mom's basement a la SDB;
b) right answer!
c) yes you can....but you have to get rid of that unfortunate Krispy Kreme obsession and embrace the one....the only....the true donut....TIM HORTONS. Repeat after me: "A dutchie and a double double to go, please (Canadians always say please)".