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short posts for short people: 4

I am a Mortal Human, just one place below the highly regarded Steven Denbeste (the only person who writes longer entries than me).

What will it take to make me a higher being? Bribes? Rewards? Offers of illicit sex?


You have to ask that question?

Boob shots (or are those reserved for the Blogathon only?)

I can't believe that isn't obvious. Isn't that obvious?

The significant differences are that a) your entries don't put a person into a coma; and b) you don't blog from mom's basement in your Star Wars jammies.

Be patient....he may be higher, but you have longevity. And you're more fun. Wayyyy more fun.

Ha ha! I'm now a human too. You're as dumb as me. Ha ha!

Posting in the shadow...

Now what do I say?


so...um...what counts as illicit? and can i join in?

At least you are a human!!!!!

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Grrrr.. If Andrew Sullivan can hold a pledge Drive...I can hold one too...for links not money....:-)

No offense to Steven, but eject!eject!eject! has the longest. posts. ever.