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Well, woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand

Alan must be drinking because he's sending me music wavs again. Last time he did this, I crashed my site by trying to post songs that would annoy him. I still think he did it.

Anyhow, he just sent me Peter Frampton's Do You Feel Like I Do? and now I feel really, really old, knowing that I got that album (that's vinyl, you punks) for my 13th birthday. When it came out.

I even wrote about it once: More Summer Stories - 1976

So Alan says that Blogging + Drinking = Blinking.

But I think it should be Drinking + Blogging = Drogging.

Or, Being Drunk + Blogging = Drogging. Blunking?


I think it deserves to be a whole new verb.

Flogging, maybe.

Or we could maybe name it after somebody in particular.

Your thoughts?


Sloppy plus blogging equals "Slogging".