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friday fun: all filler, no killer

Ok, it's Friday and I'm done with the introspective stuff. No news, no politics for the rest of the evening. All filler, no killer.

Let's start off with a challenge. Take some of the quizzes I took and see how your scores stack up against mine (which are undoubtledly horrible in some of the cases).

These are all movie related quizzes and they all come from this site, which I am addicted to.

My score recorded next to quiz title.

Animated movies visual quiz: 20/24

Sandy Claws (visual quiz): 9/12

The F Word (text quiz): 10/16

Movie Limericks (text quiz) 12/12

Of Corpse 2 (visual quiz) 9/12

You take those, I'm off to find more quizzes. If you know any good quiz sites, drop a URL in the comments. I'm up for anything - pop culture tests, what X are you, literary tests, IQ, trivia, what tree would you be if a dog was pissing on you...whatever. It's Friday, anything goes.


Hey, cool quiz site. I'm now going to ram my head against the solid rock that is FilmWise quizzes.

"Animated movies visual quiz" link is to the answers page.
Mind you it at least meant I got a few right.

I didn't know any of them... doh

Does it show that I don't watch many movies? LOL

bangs head on the nearest wall

Ok, I'll do the quizzes, how about hopping over and giving a musical review?