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get your damn dirty swoosh off of my sneakers!

We went shopping for sneakers last weekend. I wanted a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse All-Star hi-tops. In yellow. They had every color but. They even had black leather Chucks.

My fascinations with Chucks go back to my youth, when they were all the rage and everyone had a pair, in black, and the kids who wore the knockoffs were made fun of to the point of tears. I mean, the whole point of wearing the All-Stars was the cool Converse circle on them.

Nike is in the process of buying Converse. This breaks my heart. I don't want my Chuck Taylors with the flames to have a Nike swoosh across them.

Now I have to take a boatload of money out of the bank and go buy up all the Chucks I need to have before they are emblazoned with that evil Nike logo.


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Now if you go out and buy up and the Chuck Taylor's how am I gonna get me a pair before Nike slaps the swoosh on them?

When I was a kid, everyone wore PF Flyers. They don't even make those any anymore.

I refuse to buy Chuck Taylor's until he steps down as dictator of Liberia

I've always found it odd that there were shoes named after the president of Liberia.

Btezra, I'm sure Michele will sell you a pair for the low, low price of $10,000 or so.

(Remember my cut, Michele.)

they wouldn't dare put the swoosh on our cons. have faith. besides, the company's been having major money troubles in the past few years. i'd rather have them bought out than go under.

i like the hell out of those rhinestone ones.

Why does everyone reserve their hate and fury for the buyer of a small company and not the buyee for not fighting back, rolling over, taking the money and retiring or whatever?

Unless you have public company or have a lot of debt you can't just get bought out. Someone has to agree to the deals even with public companies (you know those annoying stockholders).

And if more people bought those brand of shoes maybe they would not have been in a position to be bought by a bigger company.

Besides, they are just shoes for crying out loud.

How could you buy enough chuckies? What will I wear for business meetings when my black monocromes wear out?

I bet my collection can kick your collection's butt.

my first pair of chucks

& don't ask me what I'm building; I was 5- or 6-years old (this pic must have been taken around '68 or '69.)

Nice! I used to have pink ones. I want the flames too!!!!

"Chucks", eh. I always thought they were called "cons". Live and learn, I guess. Maybe it's one of those regionalisms we're supposed to eschew.

What's wrong with Nike?

Would they really slap the swoosh on 'em? I mean, they already have a distinctive logo and look that sells, why mess with a good thing?

According to an interview I heard today on NPR, the circle remains; the swoosh will not be put on the Converse shoes. Rest easy.

Yellow and almost every other color are here: http://www.americanathletics.com/frameset.asp

These are ridiculously cool: http://sneakers.pair.com/jpg/chuckmcs.jpg

In fact the main page of the preceding link is hours of reading: http://sneakers.pair.com/chucks.htm

I've got an end-of-the-world supply of orange-high-size-11-and-a-halfs, but I'll never sell them -- on ebay or the like. The only site they'll ever see is the bottom of my feet. Orange.

I predice that the debate over pre-Nike vs. post-Nike Chuck Taylors ultimately will grow larger and uglier than the debate over pre-CBS vs. post-CBS Fender guitars.

In the words of PJ O'Rourke:
N is for Nike
It's a missle, not a shoe
Get yourself a pair
in cordovan, not blue

Aren't Nikes made by people in sweatshops? This is why I, personally, am saddened that Converse had to be bought out by them. I am glad Converse will still be around but I really really do not want to support Nike.

Chuck Taylor's are not named after the President of any country. They were named after a high school basketball star in the early 1900's who helped develop them. sheesh...

I think all y'all need to step up to the plate and recogmize the conspiracy theory and its merits. The symoblism of the yellow Chuck Taylor's is not lost on me. The color yellow clearly stands for the Viet Kong. That is why I believe Nike is involved in the overtaking of Converse and the overthrow of the Taylor regime in Liberia. 'nuf sed.

Once Nike takes over the reigns in Liberia, just think what they can accomplish in Burkina Faso. This is what the left wing media conspiracy/McNeil-Lehrer followers DON'T want you to think about.

Hey, as long as I can still go to the store (or online shopping) and order a pair of Chucks in my size and know without a doubt that their going to fit, I don't care if they are owned by Nike or Shoemagoo or whoever. I love my Chucks and I'm glad that the enemy bought em and saved them from extinction because Converse was taking a nose dive into oblivion. If it weren't for Nike there wouldn't be any more Chucks, ever. Of course, I really really hope they never add the swoosh because I would then have Chucks with extra air conditioning from me cutting out the swoosh.

I have too many chucks. I think they are *hawt shoes.. I don't know why they should mess up a good thing already, the chucks already have a recognized logo on them that sells great, why put a swoosh on it? THATS WHACK!

Just came across your guy's website, and I just have to make a comment on the whole nike thing. I work for a retail store in Victoria BC Canada, who has just about every colour under the rainbow (though no yellow I might add). Anyways, my point is that the whole nike swoosh on the chucks has become a bit of an urban myth. Basically Converse needed money to expand, and instead of going public for it, which can take over a year, Nike lent them the money to do this. So basically Nike looks at the books for Converse every month, and that's about it. The company is run by the same people, as a subsidery. So no worries about the swoosh! Converse doesn't want that association.

got any yellow chucks??

"Hey, as long as I can still go to the store (or online shopping) and order a pair of Chucks in my size and know without a doubt that their going to fit, I don't care if they are owned by Nike or Shoemagoo or whoever."

Congratulations, Mr. BlindConsumerWhore

I just got my first pair of Chucks. Two pairs! Coz they're really good looking. Awesome shoes!

Both are leather editions. Black European leather and Black & Cream leather. Now I'm thinking of which color to snag!

Here in Malaysia Chucks are cheap. USD$18 for the canvas and USD$47 for the leather editions.