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more on iran

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I mentioned that I was discouraged with the lack of media coverage regarding what is going on in Iran. Jeff Jarvis writes:

News judgment : The blogosphere's news judgment is evident on Blogdex and it's not the news judgment you'll see on major news sites. On Blogdex right now, the top two stories are about Iran. Elsewhere (on the BBC or on Google News, for example), you won't find Iran on the front page. Blogdex reflects the news judgment of the audience. It reflects the news the audience cares about. The two should not disagree. But they do.

Ain't that the truth.

Four of the top five stories at Memeufacture (on Politics -Right) are about Iran. Notice not one of the top five stories on Politics - Left has to do with Iran.

Brooke was at the Democracy for Iran demonstration in NYC today - she's got words and pictures.

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Believe it or not I would welcome democracy throughout the middle east! Not the puppet gansta type of democracies takin place in Afghanistan and Iraq. Under a true Democracy in the Middle east the 1st they'd do was tell trhe US to get the hell outta their Land! And not to come back!

The mullahs in my eyes are no better than the haliburton contractors of te Bush administration. Regime change I hear you people say, If only you'd look to things CLOSER to home!

As a former Alaskan, I can only wonder how much oil this tr0ll contains...

Let's put him in a wine press and find out.

Yes, if you'd only look at issues close to home, you'd see:
A representative republic, which is denied the people of Iran
Rights to free speech, including access to any Internet site you wish, especially sites you don't agree with - banned by the mullahs of Iran
A marketplace so successful that millions of people can afford computers, and have the free time away from work to post comments on other people's blogs.

...but of course, it's all about the ooiiilll!

Well if it makes you sleep easier at night thats fine, but I unplugged my television years ago.

Basically the bottom line is the Bush cohorts in washington ONLY want puppet democracies if there was any regime change. The last thing they want is a bunch of idealistically minded kids...i mean imagine the dangers, giving power to people..The BUSH Empire corrupts the US big time, did you know that GranDaddy bush helped finance the nazis? Surf the web and do searches on this family web of deceit and reel at the results.