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im addic...im addicted to this

For those who took bets that I wouldn't last until Friday, you win.

Here's the thing about making the effort to spend more quality time with your kids: They don't want to. That, and their version of quality time is much different than yours.

Natalie, being a 13 year old, doesn't want to acknowledge me let alone do something with me. Unless that something is taking her shopping for ugly goth-looking handbags.

DJ's idea of a good time is playing Yankees Monopoly for five hours straight and gloating when he gets to buy Thurman Munson before I can. He wants to go shopping as well, for shirts with ugly looking punk bands on them.

We've had someone sleep here every night this week. I've had my fill of playing "Guess the American Idol" song with 13 year old girls.

Besides, I have too much to bitch about to not write. Justin is getting tired of my verbal tirades.

But hey, I wrote I wrote two of three parts of a short story this week, which you can read (and comment constructively on) here.

So I'm back at the keyboard again. Someone get me a beer.


I think it requires actually leaving town with no internet access to quit blogging for any measure of time. At least, that's what it takes for me.

Damn! I had Thursday 3 PM in the SmallVictoryPool. Crap, I lost 20 bucks!!

Ith, or being so fed up with fuckwits that you just can't take their driveling nonsense anymore. Michele's capacity for the tolerance of sheer bullshit continues to amaze and astound.

truth hurts

Sekimori, no kidding! Her tolerance is awe inspiring. I know I couldn't take all the crap -- I'm a wuss :)

No, anwar, you uneducated lout, your pathetic ramblings hurt. Where's my fucking Tylenol...

"...their version of quality time is much different than yours."

Damn, you ARE hardcore! A lot of parents don't realize that (or admit that to themselves) until their kids are in, like, their twenties! _

Bwahaha! And people said I was an addict for surgiblogging from post-op. In the words of our former president, "I feel your pain!".

I, for one, am glad you came back early. I like your writing, and hey! I feel much better about the state of my own addiction...


Are you somehow constitutionally opposed to banning people? Or are you just that nice?

I guess in a way, it's a form of flattery that someone would come and sit and wait all day for people to post at your blog so he can mouth off. Of course, some forms of flattery we can all do without.


Just breathe in, accept the addiction, and keep us all on that steady drip of stuff flowing out of your brain!

I thought the smell of the new Ted Rall "output" wafting through the blogosphere would draw you out.

"for shirts with ugly looking punk bands on them."

I've honestly never seen a handsome punk band.

"I've honestly never seen a handsome punk band."

They're usually scavanged for spare parts before anyone notices em. That's part of the reason most punk bands look like Frankenmusicians...

I didn't think you could stay away. You should post as me on my blog. I've had massive brain farts.

"and gloating when he gets to buy Thurman Munson before I can"
Yeah, I guess Michael Jackson had already ponied up for Joseph Merrick... oh wait, you said this was Monopoly. Nevermind...

Uneducated lout, well I for one dont wanna go into the gutter with your harvard credentials luvvie...It's funny you take what I say so personally, so you hurl personal insults questioning my intelligence. The Irony is you align yourself to a body, a govt. who wouldn't batter an eyelid to any of your sorrows

I for one wouldn't rely on the government to tell me the correct time. All I have is my family, friends and spirit. Try me Sekimori

Welcome back, Michelle. And I agree with Ith about having leave town.

Like your bunny, anwar?