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i'll be back

That's Brendon Small from Home Movies on top of the tv (adultswim.com) and my beloved Lenore inside the tv (spookyland.com). Images used without express written consent.   I'll be back soon.

You can still find me at Command Post and Four Color Hell. I've also posted the first of three parts of my short story at Retrovertigo.

This doesn't mean you can't sponsor me for the Blogathon. I'll be back before then. (Info in sidebar, where there are also a lot of other good weblogs you could be reading).


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Hell, everybody needs a vacation some time. Have fun!

Come back, E.T.! Come back to me!

Have fun!

Have fun...we'll see you when you get back.

Do what you gotta do. We'll catch ya on the flip-side.

Have a great break. And I'll be impressed if you make it a week ;-)


Cool, I just took a week off with a few small update posts here and there. It's worth it.

Have a good one chickie!

This sounds like a Juan Gato/Whatever his name is this week stunt!

enjoy though!

The picture rocks! Have a great week. The sun is out, summer is here - what's blogging?

Enjoy! We'll see you when you're good and ready for us..

Don't forget the sunblock!

Good for you. But remember not to read the news, not to watch cable news, and to only use the net to defy the RIAA.

we will miss you! have a great break!

Have a wonderful break.

If you and the kids ever decide to come to the big city for a day or three, look me up. I'd love to take you guys out for coffee or something. Hell, I even promise that Bread will behave.

No. Really.

He won't even mention to your son that putting his sisters bra into some water before putting it into the freezer makes for a much louder scream of outrage.

Good thing you waited until Reynolds got back. I probably could have gotten another job with the time I'd have leftover if both of you were gone.

Actually, I was thinking yesterday that with everything on your plate, you must have a helluva lot more energy than I do.

Everyone needs a little downtime occasionally. Hope you have fun and get the batteries recharged.

Boy, will I miss your wit, wisdom and wisecracks. Enjoy your break... but remember that some of us really look forward to reading your stuff!

You'll still be able to find me in other places this week.

Check over in the sidebar, underneath Find Me Here.

I will miss you and the little dead girl. Please come back as soon as you feel up to it. You're one of my daily stops.


:) have fun with the kiddos!!

I've really needed my mini-break. Hope you have a wonderful one!

trying to please everyone but yourself


Ah, Hell, Michele, have a little fun. We wait forever for Whittle, we'll wait some for you. Dunno about everybody else but I'll check in every day or so just to use your Blogroll (thanks) and I'll be pleasantly surprised when you're back.
Of course, being forgetful, every day I'll be disappointed until I remember...Michele is having a little time for herself, she's worth it.

Sometimes we all get so busy writing about life that we forget to live it. Cheers, and enjoy! We'll be here when you get back.

Have a good time away, Michele.

And by the way, if you all do decide to do the matching outfits thing, could we get pic? The cuteness would be absurd.

But what's going to happen when I'm in the mood for Italian?

Came over to get my daily dose of Michele and she's disappeared!

Ah well, have a good break and come back soon!