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know your enemies

Call this one what you will. Our Friends the Saudis. Religion of Peace. It's all the same, anyhow.

I found this Flash video over at LGF. I've put it my own server because Charles may take it down today. I can't say I blame him, as it's making me feel quite creepy to have it stored here. However, I think it's important that people view this vile piece of hatred, so you know what we are up against. Don't fool yourself into thinking that these jihad-lovers are the minority in Saudi. They aren't.

Speaking of our friends, have you seen this?

A SAUDI Arabian with close connections to Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, the desert kingdom’s defence minister, was among five people who were arrested in Malawi on suspicion of channelling money to the Al-Qaeda terrorist network.

Now, our "friends" have produced this video that calls for death to those who are not like them. The reverent wailing, the almost celebratory cries for murder, with photos of the burning World Trade Center as a backdrop is just one of the lowlights of this disgusting creation of the Religion of Peace(tm).

Wake up, America. These people are not our friends. They want you one of two ways; radical Muslim or dead. They will kill themselves to see their plans in action. They will martyr their children and put guns in the hands of babies and use old women as human shields all in the name of their peaceful religion. Convert or die, is their mantra.

Charles says this about the video:

The number one Flash animation on the Radical Islam Hit Parade these days is this vile piece of work based on a sermon given by a sobbing, shrieking Sheikh in—where else—Saudi Arabia, with subtitles in English:

Look at this. Watch it carefully. We need to be fully aware of the way their minds work. Know your enemies.

I don't know how long I will leave this here for. If you want to blog about and I've already taken it down, you can save it to your own hard drive by right clicking the link and choosing the save as option.


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Thats haunting...but I thought the news about the Saudi's funneling money to terrorist organizations was old and highly suspected even before Sept 11th?

I just want to puke. Thank God I'm an atheist.

That has got to be the most sickening piece of whacko propaganda that I have ever seen.


With all due respect, they want you dead because you don't believe in Allah... It has nothing to do with what you believe in and everything to do in what they think you should believe in.

I don't know if I would keep that video on my hard drive if I were you, M. It drips evil. (brrrrrrrrrr)

I couldn't even finish watching it.


Maybe if we send those folks some pictures of American picnickers on July 4th, they'll understand we're just people like they are and quit hating us.


Well, I almost kept a straight face...

This is EVIL. I couldn't watch the whole thing. After watching several 4th of July tributes to the 9/11 tragedy, and to the heroes and heroines of wars past and present, this sort of vile tripe turns my stomach.

I didn't finish watching it either. It was too boring. Too patheticly rambling and incoherent. This is what we're up against? No wonder we kick their asses every time.

That guy should be saying, "Oh Allah, please give me an editor so that I don't sound so completely ridiculous all the time!"

Yet again I'm having a difficult time finding reasons not to nuke the whole goddamn peninsula.

You know, something struck me while watching it. There were repeated mentions of how the infidels were taking away their honor, and many pictures calling America and Americans "coward."

They just don't get that name-calling means very little in the West. It is actions that count. I think it's evidenced in our schoolyard mantra: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me." We can argue the accuracy of it another time, but the point remains: America is a nation that says "Put up or shut up." The Islamic nations are too steeped in their centuries-old culture of "honor" to understand that words, not deeds, will win the day.

Let them pray to Allah for our deaths all they want. If it was going to work, all the politibloggers would be dead by now, with Charles Johnson and Michele and me at the head of the list.

The best response to this nonsense is Mr. Hitchens' : "They want to be martyrs. We're here to help."

That was intense, Michele.
If any American who bashes our government for ANY aspect of our War on Terror can continue to do so after watching that, he/ she belongs in a country far, far away...




How long til Kos uses it as a rallying cry?

Hey Jean,

Not that we don't enjoy the smelly bluster of the French, but maybe you could turn your caps lock off? Would it help if I asked you to do it in German?

Hey Jean,

Not that we don't enjoy the smelly bluster of the French, but maybe you could turn your caps lock off? DOn't make me ask you in German...

I can't bring myself to watch it.

The Muslim Middle East is a highly macho, "face-based" culture. The amount of energy they pour into hurling insults at one another is sobering. They boast of raping one another's mothers to get their hearts started. They accuse one another of bestiality over breakfast. Ordinary dickering in their bazaars often sounds as if it ought to result in bloodshed -- and not polite, Western-style pistols at dawn bloodshed; more like chairs smashed over heads right then and there. It upsets them terribly that we won't play their game.

In-your-face displays such as this are very meaningful to Middle Eastern Muslims. In a sense, it's all they have. They're militarily impotent, terrible cowards in actual combat, and so undisciplined that mercenary military advisers have been known to refund their fees in despair at getting them to follow instructions.

In a way, it's all quite consistent with their preference for suicide bombings. They have enough courage of their convictions to die, but not enough to lose. So detonating themselves in a crowd of defenseless civilians is about the highest martial operation to which they can aspire.

[comment concerning Jean Pierre's quest for unusual sex deleted]

We're sorry, but the comment you are trying to reach has been disconnected.

If you are looking for Jean Pierrre, try doing a Google search for Ignorant Jackass.

Vinny, it was a joke. Really. I'm not a moron.

The existence of this brand of evil has been known for a long time. The introduction to the Al Qaeda training manual says;

" The confrontation that we are calling for with the apostate regimes does not know Socratic debates..., Platonic ideals..., nor Aristotelian diplomacy. But it knows the dialogue of bullets, the ideals of assassination, bombing, and destruction, and the diplomacy of the cannon and machine-gun. Islamic governments have never and will never be established through peaceful solutions and cooperative councils. They are established as they [always] have been ,by pen and gun ,by word and bullet ,by tongue and teeth "

These folk have convinced themselves of two things: 1. That, with the help of Allah, they are the baddest bad asses the world has ever seen. 2. They have a divine mission to eradicate [kill] all unbelievers [us].

There is no reasoning with this mentality. If we want to survive, all we can do is kill them when they come at us then take the battle to their home ground and kill them there, until the last one who subscibes to this way of thinking has either changed his mind, or is dead.

Michele, any time someone says "these people" or "those people", you know they've probably gone too far. No provocation justifies treating an entire demographic class of people as a single entity.

There is a portion of the Arab world that is not anti-American, and much of the hatred for the US that does exist has been greatly encouraged by our corrupt "friends" like the Saudi regime. Many Muslims live in this country as law-abiding citizens who aren't trying to harm anyone. Any religion can be hijacked for nefarious purposes - it's much easier to get people to do what you want if you can manipulate their emotions and prevent them from thinking too much. That's the modus operandi for all religions, not just Islam.

Most of those kids risking their lives demonstrating in the streets of Tehran are Muslims, yet they yearn for freedom and democracy. I agree that there is far too much tolerance for violence and terrorism in the Arab world, but painting every follower of Islam with the same brush isn't going to help our cause.

Yes, we must deal harshly with those who think they have something to gain from attacking us. At the same time though, we have to find more and better ways to support economic growth, freedom and democracy all over the world. You have to give folks a positive vision of their potential future at the same time you're punishing those who choose to employ violence.

I saw this earlier this morning and LGF and was going to post something about it on my site. However, I couldn't figure out how to save it.

I'm glad you did because as many people who can see what's REALLY GOING ON, the better.

Thanks Michele

at LGF


M -

Leave it up. It can serve as a reminder of why we should have "invaded and defeated" Iraq. Until they (yes they. I am still waiting for the "moderate voices" to say something, anything) are defeated, they will not respect (fear) the US. I couldn't give a rat's ass if they like us. After seeing this, it's clear that most of the Middle East needs to a) be turned into glass, or b) the gloves need to come off of Sharon. He can solve our terrorist problems in a week. The IDF could target all of the holy sites and flatten them. Call it "Homicide Bombing", and the score is even.

Sorry about the rant, but I took this one very personal.

I must also point out: the origin of this Flash animation is not entirely clear. Who made it?

Yes, we are shown pictures of huge crowds in a lighted night time gathering. But were the words being chanted really being heard by that entire crowd? Or was it a still photo of an Islam + Christian Peace & Love Festival, with the chanting put over it by someone who wasn't even there? (Yes, I'm being sarcastic, to make a point.)

How accurate is the translation of the words? Is it some guy chanting over his funeral?

I know, I know, I know, I'm always Mister Skeptic. But skepticism is healthy, dammit!

I agree with Mike R. "You People" is a phrase which just brings about the same kind of separation and fostering of hatred that any radically determined group, be it Christian or Muslim, uses to further whatever depraved cause they have. I am a Muslim woman and yet I do not wish for the destruction of the United states any more than any one else in my family. For shame. To say all Muslims are depraved fundamentalist pigs who wish personally for each and every one of your bloody deaths is deeply insulting and akin to saying that each and every Chirstian in America is a fundamentalist pig who burns crosses on front lawns and thinks it's high time fer a good lynchin'. Michele you are a rational and logical person, please stop covering people with blanket statements. Yes, there are terrible people in the world, but you shouldn't just blame us, for heaven's sake. I agree with you on many things and admire your moxy, but come on, this is not a world of absolutes. If you chalk me up to being simply a jihad supporter or a bleeding heart liberal because I take exception to a small part of your point of view I will be gravely disappointed. That's all.

Simone, I wasn't speaking generally of Muslims, I was speaking of radical Muslims, the lunatic fringe, the militant jihad religious martyrs.

Wake up, America. These people are not our friends. They want you one of two ways; radical Muslim or dead.

I thought that made it clear I was referring to the radicals.

Dean, I was never under the impression that the crowds in the pictures were actually hearing this guy sing. It was an obvious still clip.

Can't down load the Flash video "Know Your Enemy".
Any help appreciated.

Simone, if you don't want all Muslims to be painted with the same broad brush moderates like yourself need to stand up and be heard. Now all we hear are the radicals, if they don't represent the majority where are their voices? If you and those like you don't refute the radicalism you will all burn together. The bombs and the bullets don't know the difference, you need to stop this before it come to that.

There were reports that more than 90% of Saudi youths supported bin Laden. Many people acknowledge that al Qaeda is a Saudi operation (most of the prisoners in Guantanamo are Sauds) The fact that this video is so popular is proof that yes, we are hated.

Michele says 'know your enemies', and that's so true. If you're going to stop an enemy, you have to know them..you have to know what they want, what makes them happy, what they're afraid of.

From this video, it's obvious that mass murder makes these radicals happy, and that logic is not their strong point. People have often called this kind of fundamentalism a death cult. After watching it, I was angry, but I was also humming that tune that the Sheikh was singing. It's catchier than a Coke commercial. The repetition, the chants..it shows why this type of fascism, which appears to be based on religion (although it probably has about as little to do with real Islam as snake handlers do with Christainity) is so dangerous. They use pseudoreligious tactics, like any cult.

The al Qaeda training manual says: "The confrontation that we are calling for with the apostate regimes does not know Socratic debates..., Platonic ideals..., nor Aristotelian diplomacy. But it knows the dialogue of bullets, the ideals of assassination.."

These fundamentalists don't want their followers to think, now or ever. Afghanistan under the Taliban was their idea of the perfect society.

Back to Saudi Arabia, we also know that they are paying billions of dollars to spread their extremist philosophy around the world, that without the income from oil exports their shaky economy would collapse, that members of the Saudi royalty have contributed large sums to al Qaeda because it is so popular among the people. These are also important things to know. That's why you need to know your enemy, to figure out how to deal with them (or how to let them deal with themselves)

These maniacs seem to be intent on world domination. They want to extend this rule for as long as they can using whatever means at their disposal( and the modern fetish for weakness). They give their people enough and make them think that they're getting what they want and shall become. They value the world resources more, welcome a mass depopulation and are a vicous elite. Yes protecting the self interest of the United States has its perks, especially when you think that you're the good guys.

p.s...it's interesting that nobody mentions anything about why they feel they are bein victimised. No body comments of the babies with gun shot wounds....hey maybe they're on a victim trip or some of you are seriously deluded. Cluster bombs and depleted uranium are the most deadliest forms of terrorism..enjoy! to ones who are honest to themselves and to the world about evil and want it entails...

Anwar dumbass,

We have plenty of dismembered body parts on our side as well. We just don't wave them around to make a point.

Depleted uranium dangers have been disproven. Cluster bombs are used to break up infrastructure. Get off it.

Anwar – when faced with the fact that Islamists have murdered hundreds of thousands and intend to murder hundreds of thousands more, people like you used to bring up the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children murdered by evil US Imperialist running dogs. Of course, that myth has been proven false, so you reach for your latest Ted Rall/Indymedia screed and shout ‘depleted uranium’ or ‘oil pipeline conspriacy’ or some similar nonsense. What is the point? Are we supposed to feel so guilty about these mythical crimes that we will stand aside and watch as the Islamists continue to slaughter?

From your previous comments on "dissenting opinions: a thought on september 11.." I assume that you’re a member of the tinfoil hat brigade, but I’m just guessing. You seem to have a particular need to defend Islamists, Saudis in particular. You are obviously anti-American, and, as this post points out, we should learn more about people like you. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

don't put words into my mouth. Explain to me gulf war syndrome. explain to me the parasitcal nature of the media. wat myth the bombing of water factories and banning medical supplies..as quoted by the UN aid agencies? Anti american..nah i'm strong enough to be honest about the world i live in. How many wars has the US been involved in since WW2? defending freedom or interests? As a slave I veto! You don't get hatred without a having a passion for something.

To hear an adult say the Oil issues are myths speaks of insufferable cowardice. How is it that most of your leaders have links with oil companies and the contracts are going to the likes of Haliburton? this is clonisation but you weakness or moral cowardice sickens me.

Great video, it's wonderful to see the US scum getting there knickers in a twist over there new found terrorist enemy. Like the elephant trying desperatly to stamp on the teasing mouse you havent a clue how to effectively deal with Al-Qaeda or overseas terrorism have you? Oversized egos firing useless military hardware at a dead black hostile organisation. With nothing but silence and pride to guide you and the relentless looping of the star spangled banner to ease your insecurities you have become a frightened target havent you? WAKE UP!!!! There is no light switch in the USA vs ISLAM terror room and alas you will blindly seek revenge again and again for each act of increasingly horrific terror that
they crash down upon your borrowed land.
History as shown us that great and powerfull empires can and will be torn from this earth at the roots.
And recent events have taught you that flags and bombs and manic patriotism cannot keep you safe anymore.