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stupidity + explosives = darwin award

And we have our first two Explosives for Dummies award winners.

efd1.gif24 year old Willie Golden III apparantly had trouble lighting a canister filled with fireworks at a party late Friday night, as he looked in the canister, the fireworks went off, Golden was pronounced dead at the scene.

48 year old Larry Nagle of Amity lost part of his arm as he was attempting to kill a groundhog with a stick of dynamite. Police say Nagle lost his thumb and two fingers when he tried to kill the groundhog with the explosive.

Perhaps Ewin's sign would have come in handy in both cases.

Mr. Golden will be eligible for this year's Darwin Awards. I'm sure, given the circumstances of his injuries, that Mr. Nagle will join him eventually.

I am quite pleased at the slim pickings for Explosives for Dummies award winners this year. There may be hope yet.


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Maybe the herd doesn't need culling as bad as we thought.

i suppose in these 2 instances the warnings on each side of the package and the explosive that caused the poor bastards their injuries were ignored?

i hate when that happens... organics being organic. though it does make for good blogging - so i guess we should at least say thanks.

It truly amazes me how incredibly stupid some people can be. And that more of them aren't killed each year on this day!

This get together in Pennsylvania didn't even need fireworks for people to get hurt...

It's not a new point, but things like this reinforce the idea that intelligence can be counter-survival -- it just gives critters like humans the ability to come up with new and ever more ridiculous ways to kill themselves:

"Let's see what happens if I inhale these fireworks just as they're going off!"

Looks like there won't be a Willie Golden IV.

Let's get a pool going on how long it takes before the first lawsuit is filed against the manufacturers.

I say about a month.

Oops. I haven't got much of a homepage, there. Mainly use it for image hosting. :)

Yay, I'm handy!