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saturday stuff

I'll be out of the house most of the day, doing business related things (Justin's business, that is) and seeing T3. I'll have my camera with me so I can particpate in this and when the pictures are ready to be presented I will use this new tool to do so.

I'm keeping a watch on the comments over here and when I get back I'll apologize to Bryan for my snippiness over here and then I will start posting some news over here, at the new Command Post page dedicated to Election 2004.

Meanwhile, if you have read about any dumbasses blowing off body parts with fireworks, drop a link in the comments so I can make fun of them.

A small preview of my 26things pictures: I think I might use this one for water. Or maybe this one.

Oh, have you sponsored anyone for Blogathon yet? Why not me, then? You can find all the pertinent information up top in my sidebar.


The second one would also work for symmetry.

I think you've got a great eye for photography, Michele. I look forward to seeing the project results.

Okay, well, that is One Cute Baby to be sure in pic #1. But I have to say I like the second one with the sprinkler is even better.


How about firearms-related?

Not sure if I'll be able to find a link, but on the radio the other day the morning DJ was talking to an oderly at a hospital in Fredericksburg (VA) who was present when an ambulance brought in a 17 year-old kid who accidentally shot himself in the penis. Turns out, he was showing off for his girlfriend and when he tucked the gun into the waistband of his pants, he inadvertantly pulled the trigger.


personally, the 2nd pic is really nice...a capture of it while in motion...