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hope yours was safe and fun

[click for big bang size]

You would never know that possessing fireworks is illegal. The sky above my block was painted with gorgeous colors all night. They're still at it, in fact, but I've had my fill.

The first picture was taken with the time exposure multi format on my camera that I had never used before. Pretty neat feature.

The second is just a glimpse of the professional-type displays that entertained us most of the night.

Now, I must turn on the air conditioner full blast so I don't have to listen to the kiddies down the block lighting off mats of firecrackers in recycling bins while I try to sleep.


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I've been locked out of blogger.


I was listening to the Symphony of the Roman Candles as interpreted by the Domino's employees across the street. Roman candles lit on the sidewalk around the corner from a firehouse in downtown DC. Needless to say, the 911 Overture soon followed. I wasn't the one who rained on their parade but it was fun to watch them run away in their UNIFORMS!!! Idiots. I think I'll take the odds on the "30 minutes or it's free" thing...

Sitting here on beautiful Spofford Lake, NH and watching the reflection of the fireworks in the lake was truly amazing! I have sat here and watched it for 25 years but tonite sitting here with my son in my lap and listening to his reaction made it an entirely different experience for me! It is wonderful to see the 4th of July through the eyes of a 2 year old!

It's been reeeeeal quiet around here. The cats are hiding under the couch. They don't like it when things go boom in the sky.