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my day thus far, in haiku

Oh, Sprint PCS
your customer service sucks
please terminate now

(click the picture, doh!)

Image blatantly stolen from Poofle, who obviously had some problems with Sprint. Oddly, I found the picture through Google Images, and Poofle happens to be on my blogroll.


To be fair, the people at Sprint called me yesterday morning to check how my service was and if I had any complaints or suggestions. They even offered me a free phone and it's not even time to renew my contract. Who Knew?

I've tried several of the cell phone companies, and I found Sprint's customer service people to be complete asshats. When I received a faulty phone from them, they refused to replace it. I had to threaten to cancel my service to finally be routed to a "Customer Retention Specialist" who suckled my buttocks appropriately in order to get me to stay. A new phone was sent. Free minutes were granted. I left soon after and sold the phone on eBay. Not a haiku, but not bad either

They take my money,
but Verizon rings my chimes!
Service? Don't need it.

Cell phones are just things
People sell for lots of dough;
Read first the fine print.

Whose cell phone to use?
Find your happy friends and ask,
They aren't using Sprint.

Sprint angers buyers
Who then buy from someone else.
Can they hear you now?

The sad thing about Sprint is that their marketing ambitions far outweigh their ability to deliver, one of those "just get the damn contract signed and we'll worry about the details later" approach. They sell heavily through Radio Shack, where a salesperson can earn a commission of over $100.00 if he/she sells you a phone, opens you an account and gets you to leave with two accessories. That's probably why the minute you enter some Radio Shacks to buy batteries or something, there's someone waving a Sprint phone in your face.
The thing that irritates the hell out of me is that most of these companies are getting so greedy, the customer support people are all either "somewhere in Mexico" or in Bangalore, India, and sometimes it's nearly impossible to figure out whether they understand what you are talking about or to make out their replies, and after you hang up you're not really sure whether or not the problem you called about is the problem they're solving.


My dad SELLS Sprint, but I had to go to someone else because Sprint gave me such God-awful, horrible, rude customer service. I swear, I thought I was in the Twilight Zone the service was so bad.

I don't know how the company stays in business!

I would so say "yes" to snuggling with that actor, though! Wakka Wakka!