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have you or a family member been injured by your own idiocy?

If you happen to be one of Darwin's idiots and you blow up a body part with fireworks, help is on the way.

Personal Injury Attorney Finder, which website says:

A 19-year-old was holding a large firecracker that exploded when it was lit. The man lost the tips of his left index and middle fingers and broke his thumb. He has had many visits to the doctor and will have further surgeries for his injuries.

A 43-year-old male was struck in the eye when a bottle rocket went under his glasses and into his eye. After surgery for lacerations to the eyelid, the man reported that his vision is still blurry and he may require further operations.

The federal government, under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act, prohibits the sale of certain types of fireworks. These banned fireworks include large reloadable mortar shells, cherry bombs, aerial bombs, M-80 salutes and larger firecrackers containing more than two grains of powder. Also banned are mail-order kits designed to build these fireworks.

Sure, the sale of fireworks is prohibited. But people buy them and light them off. And if they do so while their brain isn't engaged or after several shots of Jack Daniels, the responsibility lies with them, not the seller.

Suing someone for your stupidity is just wrong. Adversting your business to idiots is, well, good business sense I suppose, but just as wrong.

Remember, kids:

[click for bomb-sized graphic]


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And here I was telling kids not to because it hurt like hell.

I like your reason better.

Tell me again daddy:

Well son, When I was your age, we could buy M-80's for about 12 cents a piece. These wern't the puny M-80's that you can buy on any Reservation, These were the real-live, blow-your-hand-clean-off, 1/4-stick-of-dynamite M-80's. -Boy, were they fun!

What happened to them, Daddy?

They were banned in order to protect stupid people.

Stupid people suck.

So, these personal injury lawyers. They are going to go down to TJ and file suit? 'Cuz it certainly appears that all the ILLEGAL ones that people hurt themselves with, at least in California, are bought legally in TJ and surrounding areas.

I stick to sparklers. Big ones, but sparklers nonetheless.

i think of to many things i love more than m-80s and all other explosives i sure wish they were legal so i dont always have to watch out for cops :) i love on a reservation to and cops still care but i dont really get hurrased if you love big explosives i recomend living on a indian reservation it great :)

oh my gosh could i have said that anymore retarded lol sorry yall for being so stupid

Yeah kids don't dare build your own fireworks or
buy firecrackers or ariel salutes just let a piece of shit Government indoctrinate you at eighteen into the military and make you go to some foreign land and be blown up real good to make Bush happy!!!!!! Seems like The same government mentality which banned celebrating our countries freedom wants to deny yours to improve thiers!!!!!!! So forget about committing some crime petty as it is and shoot and blow up people
in some other country who you never knew or did nothing to you because you were brain washed by some Govt asshole who is fucked in the head in Parris Island or FT Benning or some other Boot camp to instill warped iodeas to liberate the world.....NO it is with out question a very serious issue as it is all about freedom,----freedom for what ??????Who is really free----Only the Damn aliens if any that could cut a whole group of police or soldiers in half in a micro second and not have to live under suppression; because that is really what is happening in most
urban areas of America---not to me for long and I can make anything accept lady fingers or old firecrackers. Shit' that is harder than making a thermonuclear weapon !!!! So forget it----and HAVE A SAFE and FUN 4TH of JULY!!!NO KIDS should never be permitted to light fireworks observe yes light no----