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sign of the times: have a safe fourth

As the Fourth of July approaches, I'd like your help in spreading the word about fireworks safety. We all have that person in our neighborhood that was Most Lkely to Kill Self in Stupid Accident

Perhaps you can help save a life or even a limb this year by making a sign that can be distributed throughout your block so that the children of a lesser brain can safely celebrate the fourth.

That's right, it's time to take out the old Sign Builder again and come up with some safety warnings for those poor souls who end up as the punchline on Fark News every year.

I started you off:

[click for bomb-sized graphic]

See, you have to make it in a language they understand. And yes, this is a contest. No prize, just glory as I always say.

You can use the Safety Sign Builder, or the "I beg you to Photoshop me" pictures at Ready.gov. Or hell, just make your own.

Hurry, time's a wasting. Your mullet-headed neighbor may already be holding an M80 up to his face!

UPDATE: Faith is the first to contribute: Contact Lenses

Russell thinks we should let the idiots kill themselves, but he made a sign anyhow.

One from Anna, who is the next person I aim to shoo off of Blogspot.

Jack got his family into the spirit of things.


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If I ever see my mullet-headed neighbor with an M-80 to his face, I will offer to light the match.

'Cuz I'm all about helping my neighbors.


Damn, Michele, you really know how to get a message across.

Very well. Even though in all fairness the stupids should be blowing themselves to smithereens. I thought that was the point of this whole 4th of July thing. Anyway, here it is.

Hmmm... link no work. ussell confused. Russelll SMASH.

Or Russell post link in plain text.




Sadly, it would seem that you were just a wee bit too late....

Sadly, you are too late. The Fishtown mouthbreathers have already blown off fingers and hands by the dozen this week.

I'm with Russell. A little chlorine in the gene pool is not a bad thing. Where are the Austin Lounge Lizards when you need them?

Who needs fingers for masturbating?

My suggestions.

I have a new hobby. ;)