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let's play a game: one hit wonders

I'm tired and feeling sort of brainless, so in lieu of real content tonight I'll resort to a game, which we all seem to be fond of anyhow.

Tonight, it's a guess song by lyrics game, with a theme. All of the songs are considered one hit wonders. You're on the honor system here, I'm asking you kindly to not Google(tm) your answers. You know the Little Dead Girl up there? Well think of her as a sinister Santa. She knows when you are sleeping, she knows when you're awake, she knows if you've been Googling(tm), and she'll smack you with a rake.

No prizes, just glory. Lyrics below. Answer in comments. Feel free to add your own lyrics for us to guess while you're down there. Oh, artist and song title, please.

Yea, I went a little heavy on the 80's songs.

1. Think I would die, If you were to ignore me. A fool could see just how much I adore you.

2. They sat on the stony ground and he took a cigarette out and everyone else came down to listen

3. Modern medicine falls short of your complaints

4. And the judge said "Guilty" in a make-believe trial and slapped the sheriff on the back with a smile

5. 'Cause the spirit of Jah, you know he leads you on.

6. she blocked her eyes and drew the curtainswith knots I've got yet to untie

7. She said, "I'm worryin' outta mind" (Bam-ba-Lam) the damn thing gone blind

8. So much for all your highbrow Marxist ways, just use me up and then you walk away.

9. But every dark tunnel has a lighter hopeSo don't hang yourself with a celibate rope

10. Everything you think, do, and say is in the pill you took today.

11. I'm a model, you know what I mean and I do my little turn on the catwalk

12. All across the nation, such a strange vibration

13. Pull up your head off the floorócome up screaming

14. I'm floating in a beam of light with you

15. then one day he was cracking off a marleyalong came the wolf on his big bad harley


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9. Young MC, "Bust a Move"
11. Right Said Fred, "I'm Too Sexy".

And I am not admitting to having listened to either of those.

Just for that, I'm inflicting these lyrics on you:

I want to reach out and pull you to me
Who says I should let a wild one go free

2. "Life in a Northern Town" Dream Academy
4. "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia", Vicki Lawrence
7. "Black Betty", Ram Jam
10. "In the Year 2525", Zager & Evans
12. "San Francisco", (sh*t! forgot the singer's name!)
14. "I Ran", A Flock of Seagulls

7. Black Betty, Ram Jam

Ok. I'm embarassed to play and I'm totally aging myself but I think I know a few of these. My musical taste HAS improved with age!!!!

#1 Divinyls - I touch myself
#2Dream Academy - Life in a Northern town
#3 Kajagoogo - Too Shy
#6 (I can't remember) - No Myth
#7 I think it's Ram Jam - Black Betty
#8 White Town - Your Woman
#11 Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy
#13 Big Country - In a Big Country
#14 A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran
#15 Green Jelly -Three Little Pigs

Dave--"Waiting for a Star to Fall" by Boy Meets Girl.

1. Divinyls - I touch myself
2. Dream Academy - Life in a northern town
3. Kajagoogo - Too Shy
4. The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia - Vicki Lawrence
5. Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie
6. Michael Penn - No Myth
7. Ram Jam - Black Betty
8. White Town - Your Woman
9. Young MC - Bust a Move
10. No friggin' clue
11. Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy
12. Scott Mckenzie - San Francisco
13. Big Country - In a Big Country
14. A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran
15. Green Jello - Three Little Pigs


Yes I have too much free time. :)

1. I Touch Myself, the Divinyls
5. Pass the Dutchie, Musical Youth
11. Too Sexy, Right Said Fred
12. San Francisco, Scott McKenzie (one of my favorite 60s songs)
14. Melt With You, Modern English

Oh damn, that's right, #14 was that Flock of Seagulls song. Oh well.

Without looking at anyone else's answers:

2. "Life in a Northern Town", I believe.

4. "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia." Please! That's like asking about "Rosebud" in Citizen Kane!

12. "Dancing in the Streets"

13. "In a Big Country"

After looking at other answers:

If anyone needs me, I'll be out back drinking another beer.

A minor quibble- #15 should be "Then one day he was crankin up Bob Marley". Great game, though.

Here's a couple more from the Decade that Taste Forgot:

A. "But shoot it in the right direction Make makin it your intention"

B. "Tell me not to play, well all I gotta say when you tell me not to play I say No! (No!) No no, no no, no"

C. "Let me take you on a trip around the world and back and you won't have to move you just sit still"

D. "Take your baby by the ears and play upon her darkest fears"

E. "This is the springtime of my lovin' The second season I'm to know"

Extra Credit: "They don't want to upset the apple cart, and they don't want to cause any harm But if you don't like what they're trying to do Better not stop em cause they're comin through"

(Hope I got all those right after quibbling ;)

D. "Dance Hall Days" Wang Chung
E. "Rain Song" Led Zeppelin

Troll King knew none, but did recognize some after seeing the answers.

Back to the books for me, I suppose.

A Relax - Franki goes to Hollywood
B I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sister

"Neon on my naked skin, passing silhouettes of strange, illuminated mannequins..."

Son of a b.... I only got 1, 4, 7 and 11. The only one that jumped out at me was 7 and that's 'cus of the parenthetical. BUT


You neglected my favorite OHW, how 'bout this:
"gotta keep cool now, gotta keep take care"

Y'all over- 40 gotta remember this one (was this too easy of a line? I'm new at this)

That last one was Golden Earring's Radar Love

Led Zeppelin a "one hit wonder"?

Sorry about that- I forgot about the "one hit wonder" rule. Technically only A and the Extra Credit from my post qualify.

did no myth actually chart? ehhe... michael penn has put out some great and largely ignored albums. ditto his talented bride aimee mann,


Hey. How can "The Night the lights went out in Georgia" be a one-hit wonder when it was a hit in the 70s by Vicki Lawrence and a hit in the 90s by Reba McIntyre?

#10 - Zager Evans In The Year 2525

The "Extra Credit" lyrics ("They don't want to upset the apple cart" etc.) come from The KLF, "All Bound for Mumu Land" AKA "Stand By the Jams" ...AKA "Justified and Ancient"? Damn, there were a lot of mixes of that tune, and a couple of them even featured Tammy Wynette (!!) on lead vocals!

4. The night the lights went out in georgia
10. In the year 2525

And I thought I was good, Michele. You've taken ME down a buncha pegs. That's all I recognized!

Too late to try to guess the original list, but I did get about half

Okay, here are some:

A)"I tried my immagination,
but I was discouraged"

"B)You wrote "I love you" I love you too
I sit there staring and there's nothing else to do"

c) "These people round here wear beaten down eyes
Sunk in smoke dried faces
They're so resigned to what their fate is"

B Turning Japanese- The Vapors
C. Come on Elieen- Dexy's Midnight Runners

How 'bout-

A) I play along while rushing cross the forest monkey business on a sunny afternoon

B)just lying smiling in the dark shooting stars around your heart

C)Just plug in and go go go I'll be your human dynamo

A) Baltimora - Tarzan Boy!

B) Pure and Simple , Lightening seeds

MY favorite one-hit wonder is conspicuously absent:

"I love you, though you hurt me so, now I've got to pack my things and go"

Anyone who was breathing in the 80's should know this one.

Sorry, Alisa...
Led Zep was a NO-HIT wonder
I don't believe ANY of their songs made it to the top 10, tho "All of My Love" might have made the top 20.
That's why they were AOR.

Here's one:
"I stroked & stroked 'til my wrist got numb"
(ya have to go back to the 70s for this one)

Another 80's one-hit wonder (though one of my favorite bands....)

"Do you remember chalk hearts melting on a playground wall
Do you remember dawn escapes from moon washed college hall"

"tainted Love" -- which melded into "Where Did Our Love Go?"

And I really suck at remembering who did these tunes...

<grabs another beer, heads back outside>

I'll give this a shot. I didn't look at anyone else's answers.

2. Life in a Northern Town--Dream Academy
4. The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia--Vicki Lawrence
5. Pass the Duchie--Musical Youth
7. Black Betty--I don't remember the name of the band.
8. I Could Never Be Your Woman--I don't remember who sings it, I only remember that it was a man.
9. Bust a Move--Young MC
11. I'm Too Sexy--Right Said Fred
12. If You're Going to San Francisco--Scott Mackenzie


C) The Polecats - Make a circuit with me.

Mike (a couple of comments up):

Kayleigh, by Marillion. Though I'm not sure if it ever made the top 40 here. But I sure did spend lots of nights listening to Misplaced Childhood and Fugazi.

#9 is from "Bust a Move" by... Young MC?

#11 is "I'm too sexy" by Right Said Fred

#15 is "Three Little Pigs" by Green Jello

#12 sounds really familiar, but I can't place it.

I remember way back then when everything was true
And when we would have such a very good time
Such a fine time
Such a happy time

According to this, "Whole Lotta Love" peaked at #4 on the Billboard chart, and I think they had another song or two to break the Top 40.


Madness - Our House


You are correct sir, and Tainted Love was sung by Soft Cell.

Rob: I was too cool to follow the charts, but I imagine you are right:-)


But wasn't Stairway To Heaven about tied with Freebird, for many years, as the most requested song in radio history?

How about this one?

"Everything. All the time."