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i didn't do it, i swear

No, I do not know why links aren't working in my comments. I haven't changed anything in the MT config recently.

No, I don't know why my archives are all messed up or, in some cases, gone.

So, thanks, I am aware of the problems and I shall find out about fixing them.


I did it. It's my fault, I swear.

It was all Ron Hardin's fault. Or John Wesley Hardin's... I forget which.

Why can't it be my fault!?!?!

Blame me! Blame Me!

I did it. I thought your life was too boring and wanted to give you something to bitch about.

It must be Google. Surely you've mentioned their website without the trademark symbol.

You mean you have problems with archives and comments with MT!!!!

I thought only Blogsnot had those problems!{/sarcasm}

Actually, these are self-induced problems. MT has never given me any problems at all.

I may have spilled some popcorn into the workings while I was trying to get a word with Yvonne...