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the two faces of mtv

The hypocrisy of MTV:

MTV won't be airing the Foo Fighters' new video for their song "Low" because it is apparently too risque. The video features actor Jack Black and lead singer Dave Grohl prancing around in women's clothes, according to the website Launch.com.

In one scene, Black dons a curly black wig, pink bikini top and shorts, while Grohl is seen wearing a blonde wig and putting on lipstick.

"The video is not being played by MTV because of two controversial scenes," Launch.com reported yesterday, "one depicting the two dressed in drag spanking each other, and one in which Grohl and Black's legs are horizontal on the floor, intermingling with each other, implying a sex scene."

So, bitches, hos and Snoop smoking weed are all ok. Mariah Carey writhing around with herself is ok. Ass shaking, barely clothed females on spring break are ok. Jackass stunts and Tom Green's gross-out humor are ok. Videos by the underage sex fiend R. Kelly are ok. Britney getting down with reptiles is ok. Beavis and Butthead, Pearl Jam's Jeremy getting violent in a classroom, Marilyn Manson, ex-cons like Suge Knight, videos with guns, videos about war, songs about poppin' a cap in somebody's ass, Fred Durst talking up the nookie - these things are all ok.

Dave Grohl and Jack Black in drag, however, are not. Implied sex scenes and spanking?

Hasn't that all been done- and shown - by Madonna before?


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My eyes are rolling. I swear these guys have periodic brain farts because there's nothing else that accounts for this decision.

I remember when Much Music (Commie equivalent of MTV) banned "Whoop there it is" because it was "demeaning to women". The mind boggles.

I'm glad that I don't have cable these days. The hypocrisy is bad enough but MTV went down hill ages ago in my opinion. To think that they will show women dressed like whores but not 2 men dressed in drag just goes to show that MTV is still living in the dark ages where it's ok for women to be treated like sex objects but cross gendered or gay is wrong.

Really this whole thing defies logic. Although I've always felt management at MTV is schizo anyhow.

But yes, I think you have a firm handle on their decision making process, Michele...

Hos Check
Guns Check
Weed Check
Guys in drag not that!!! BANNED!

uhhh heh uh huhuhe hehe... you said ho's...

I didn't think MTV still played videos...

That's what I was thinking Rebecca.

MTV actually plays videos these days?

Sheesh, could have fooled me - it resembles a 24 hour infomercial these days.

These are the same people who, if war coverage needed to be shown during March Madness on CBS, were not going to show their sister network's basketball games due to prolific sponsorship by brewing companies.

So, to recap, scantily clad females wasted on spring break, OK. Coors Lite twins, not even drinking, in an advertisement, not OK.

"Sheesh, could have fooled me - it resembles a 24 hour infomercial these days."

LOL btezra, I don't remember when the last time I saw a video on MTV was. Or VH-1 either, but at least they maintain mostly music related programming. I am waiting for their "VH-1's Top 100 VH-1 Top 100 Countdown Shows."

This is also the same network that made sure at least one cast member of 'The Real World' was gay.

Though the thought of seeing Jack Black prancing around in a pink bikini does give me the creeps.

My God. Are people still talking about Jack Black? Really?

Laughing at the photo caption over there on the Post.

But you don't really have to just "imagine"

Watch "Orange County" & you can see Jack in his tightie whities.

The horror!

& didn't the Foos already do the drag thing in "Learn to Fly?"
had Jack Black too, just not in drag.
The whole band in drag....check.
stereotype of a male flight attendent...check
passengers & crew getting doped up... check
spanking... nope

I enjoy Dave's sense of humor, his videos are all pretty tongue-in-cheek.

I bet they'd show the video if both Dave and Jack shaved their chests. Ewww- hairy bikinis are just gross!

It's their TV channel...

Suge belongs in jail. Heh. I'm sorry, but he's proven himself to be a chronic recividist.

Since I have digital cable, I wonder if the video will pop up on MTV2 (which actually airs videos) or Fuse (formerly Much Music USA). Watching a scantily clad Jack Black might work as an appetite supressant.

Don't forget, kind of hipocritic as well because they show the Aerosmith music vid(or did) "Living on the Edge" which had them in a dressing room made up as women, putting on make up.

Has MTV been bought by the BET Network? Unless they are showing something to do with spring break, I very rarely see a video from a white group or musician.

MTV doesn't really play videos anymore. You have to order M2. I think it should be the other way around.

About 12 years ago MTV was showing episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

So I guess if Grohl and Black were British, it would be okay? Maybe Madonna should donate her accent.

It really is interesting that they chose to ban this video. There was a great deal of spanking and some light S&M in Madonna's "Erotic" video. Also In Christina Aguilera's Video for "Beautiful", there is a man dressing up in drag as well as two men making out. I guess that it's just when the two converge that it becomes taboo.

But what I find really interesting is that they have completely banned it. In the past, when a video had questionable content, it was merely restricted to late night rotation.

I haven't watched MTv since, um... since Beavis and Butthead ended, actually. :)

MTv is the network that wouldn't air Run DMC because it would be too shocking to middle America. Of course, once Run DMC made a video with a white rock group, it all became ok. It's a myth that they used to be edgy.

That video sounds hilarious. I want to see it, now.


One word: Kazaa.

The video is hilarious. Also, much more going on than cross-dressing.

I could buy the argument that this video violates MTV's standards of decency if, as Michele and above posters have made clear, MTV had standards.

Jack Black & Dave Grohl in drag? I'm thanking MTV for banning this. Not a pretty picture no-sir-ree,,,

Oh, you mean the BIGGER picture. so sorry, yes I agree, it's stuff we've all seen before. MTV is ankle-grabbing for the powers-that-be, afraid of offending etc etc etc.

Then again, I stopped watching MTV right after my testicles descended...

Since when did MTV have standards? Cripes, I have four words for you: "Real World Las Vegas." Can we say "24/7 orgy," boys and girls?

And everyone knows that Foo Fighters come up with fantastically funny videos with lyrics that dont' even have six thousand bleeps in them (like the aforementioned artists). God forbid they play a video (!), let alone a video that people will want to see.

Fuck it, when they choose to not air a video, that means it will be all the more popular when we find other ways to see it.

Suckers -
Jack and Dave asked MTV to ban it.
Publicity you know.

All I gotta say on the video networks is that I don't watch MTV, and if I see the freakin "I love the 80s" again you'll all be reading about a bloodbath... nice shows, but EvErY dAmN dAy? aLL DaY?!?! RARRRRRRR!!!!

Maybe VH-1 will play the video as part of their ongoing and unhealthy obsession that network seems to have with all things "diva". ;-)

Having seen the video several times on various music channels here in the UK, I have to say that it freaks me out every time I see it.

I don't think I ever in my life needed to see Dave Grohl and Jack Black in satin panties.

Way, way too much information...

Much Music USA is no longer a Canadian-held property and has relaunched as Fuse.tv.

They are harder-core then before and WAY harder than any MTV period or channel ever.

Much Music figured out they'd get audience by SHOWING the stuff no one else will show, and has done alright in my book to date (and is MUCH better since ditching the uptight Canadian parent co.).

It'll probably be on Fuse. It's channell 339 on satellite, not sure about cable.....but they play rock videos all day long.