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psa,self-linking day and open forum

Laurence has compiled this week's Carnival of the Vanities.

Don't forget about Blogathon. I'm counting on you.

I haven't done a self-linking post in a while, so have at it. Drop your self-links, with commentary if necessary, in the comments, or just get on your soapbox. Consider this an open forum.

Behave or the little dead girl will have her way with you.


Well, not so much a self link (but I played too) - the photoshop fun with Glenn Reynolds' "I'm on vacation' picture

A good compilation of links is here - Jessica's Well

Be sure to check out Russell's at M3 - it is awesome.

Hmmm - linkage broken. Bad.

here it is in plaintext


Long time reader, most time lurker.


Recently re-designed too!

Well, I was planning on waiting until the 4th to highlight it again, but the comments are still open at What's Not to Like?

Hrm. That's odd. Hyperlinkies in comments no work. Oh well.


Check out: 11 Things to Hate About Texas, with three mitigating factors.

I'm on blogspot, so if the link doesn't work just scroll down to near the bottom of the page.


Some real good stuff off this link about the Toronto Star's implication of racisim on the Toronto Blue Jays.

Or, How My Brain Turned to Mush
and I Learned How to Be a Loon


Hi, my name's Andrew, and I'm pissed because some asshole smashed a window and jacked my car stereo. Read about it, as well as the computer that doubles as a coffeemaker, here- http://www.thelimeybrit.com

How about a nice astronomy picture, of the universe giving us the finger?


I guess I could post my link here once in a while, eh?


Don't expect miracles.

I do a weekly linkfest called The Cul de Sac. It's up, if you are inclined!



A little egomania, some beer drinking, a lot of politics, a little philosophy and no political correctness make for one helluva discussion. Oh yeah…and a little poetry too.

Blog Chicago style.

No blog here; I can't write...or barely read.
I take neat-o pictures, though.

asmallvictory makes me smile.

You know what else does?
Newcastle Brown Ale. Boy howdy.

Never redesigned but usually updated!

Hmmm....i guess this wouldn't be different than any of my other posts as they're all pretty much blatant self promotion. Anyway, I audio blog sometimes too.

Irreverent. Profane. Politically incorrect. In constant turmoil with The Man. Run by a chick doesn't have issues, but entire subscriptions. Linked by over 6 blogs! Plus, there's a little boy running around with a purple penis on his head to satisfy your inner Catholic priest.

Great comments guys. Peter FDA

I think you have made the web an art form with your site.


Best comments it's impossible