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i knew they were reading my website

Remember Natalie's Ashcroft-like idea about vehicle survelliance back in March? It read, in part, like this:

First, you issue a new license plates to everyone in America who has one. All the license plates have a barcode on them, and all this information about you is on the barcode and it's all in the big database in some huge room in Washington, D.C.

And then there would be a security device, like a radar or scanner, on almost every main street in America, that reads these barcodes as they drive by.

Those were Natalie's words.

Now, look at this:

The Pentagon is developing an urban surveillance system (search) that would use computers and thousands of cameras to track, record and analyze the movement of every vehicle in a foreign city.

Natalie said: So, if you kidnap someone, we just have to input the barcode information into the computer and it will tell us where your car is right away! And if you owe money for traffic tickets, we could track you down.

The article says:

According to interviews and contracting documents, the software may also provide instant alerts after detecting a vehicle with a license plate on a watchlist.

Of course, if I were the tin-foil hat type prone to outbursts of litigious insanity, I would immediately take the Pentagon to court claiming that they were monitoring my weblog and stole my daughter's idea. And then I would put Natalie in hiding, sure that the government was after her in order to extract all other spying ideas from her mind and we'd have to live underground like moles for the rest of our lives or else risk having Nat's locked up in some X-File type facility where they would drain her brain for all the rest of her days.

Good thing I still have some shred of sanit left, eh?

Now, I'm going to go delete that entry so the evil monkey in my closet won't have proof that Natalie is really a robot programmed by Homeland Security.


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I just went to a Security Expo here in Israel that was full of companies developing this kind of technology. Creepy. My favorite was the survellience and identificaiton company that decided to call itself "Orwell."

Are you saying that getting locked up in a X-File type facility is a bad thing? If they send Scully to get me I'd even resist a little for the extra attention. I love a woman that carries her own handcuffs.

You know, years ago there was a show called SeaQuest DSV, and in one episode they had something similar... I googled the show name and came up with part of the script... It went something like:

(New Cape Quest, Florida)
(A helmeted person on a motorcycle is speeding down the road. His tags get scanned because he is going 164.6 MPH.)
(Police Station)
Woman: Attention vehicle number 32189, travelling 64 miles above accepted speed allowances.
(As she speaks the motorcycle slows down.)
Woman: Infraction Level 7. $913 dollars has been deducted from your social security account.
(The driver of the motorcycle hits the handle bar in irritation.)
Woman: Thank you.

The site is at http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/seaQuestDSV2032/

but yeah.... When I read this entry I was like "That sounds familiar....." It just took a few days to remember :|

No need for tin foil hats here... ;)

I read this.The barcode on the Numberplate is good.But is it possible to introduce.How you will scan the numberplate.