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help wanted

Designer/Coder, who can turn Four Color Hell into a work of navigational art. Or something like that. Like part blog/part zine. Must be fluent in Moveable Type and be at least slightly familiar with the world of comics, so you can understand the feel we are going for.

Also, must be able to withstand my mood swings and fickleness.

Contact me if you are interested.


Ooh, ooh, I'm seeing sort of a Richie Rich and His Mean Cousin Reggie theme...

...ok, maybe not.

You should have an open call for design concepts with a really cool reward.

Uh, just an idea...

You might look at designoutpost.com. You set a price, and a bunch of designers come up with competing ideas, using your feedback to perfect their ideas until you pick a winner.

Urgh. I'm good with the technical details of MT, but I suck at design. If you need any blog toys added to it (recent comments, RSS feed and all that junk), just let me know.

interested in mood swings and fickleness...or the job...nice site been fun...

"Also, must be able to withstand my mood swings and fickleness."

On top of everything else? Now you're pushing it, girlie...

I'd jump all over that--looks like a ton of fun--if I wasn't already in the middle of two design projects. If you still haven't found someone in a week or so, email me!

If you can wait until after July 19th I might be able to fit you in.