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more blogathon news

blogsign.jpgOk, here's the deal. Meryl, Lair and I want to raise enough money to buy an ambulance for Magen David Adom.

Rather than write a few paragraphs on how you can help, I'll just steal Meryl's words:

We've also found a way to track your contributions so that if we raise $60,000, we can literally donate an ambulance to Israel. For another twenty grand, we can get a Mobile Intensive Care Unit.

It sounds like a lot of money, but I think we can do it. What we will need, however, is more than just a pledge and contribution from you. I'm going to ask my rabbi to announce the Magen David Adom pledge drive in synagogue, and send out a synagogue-wide email as well. I know members of two other Richmond synagogues, and will ask them to do the same. If only a few of our readers do the same, we can raise the money for an ambulance, easy. And you know, my non-Jewish readers can do the same in their churches. One thing you can say about Magen David Adom: It is an organization that does nothing but help, and it doesn't matter what your nationality is: If you're hurt, they help. There are no sides to take in this fund drive.

There's a way we can track your donations to the cause. If you use a credit card and the MDA online form, there's a comment box. Type "Blogathon" into the comment box, and MDA can track how much money we've raised. If you forget, your contribution won't be counted. I'll be pounding that into your brain over the next few weeks. We really would like to raise enough to contribute an ambulance. They'll inscribe the doors for us. Like Lair said last year when he blogged for the same cause: Give until it doesn't hurt any more.

I know between the three of us we can do this. We need your help. If this is a cause you feel comfortable getting behind, you can take Meryl's suggestions above. You can link to our Blogathon posts. You can ask your own readers (if you're not Blogathonning yourself) to support us. You can sponsor us.

Sponsor me over here. Make us proud. And perhaps the men and women of Magen David Adom will be saving lives with an ambulance that has your name printed on its door. MDA in Israel answers about 1,000 calls a day. That's 1,000. And with a real truce nowhere in site, you can only imagine those numbers will rise. MDA also participates worldwide relief efforts. Here's ten more reasons to sponsor this cause on July 26.


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How can we contribute to MDA on your behalf and get you credit? I no longer contribute anything to anyone/group on behalf of anyone/group without it being a direct contribution. My husband and I had a discussion about this tonight. We feel compelled to contribute to such a worthy cause but need the assurance that it goes directly to the coffers of the recipient. How would we do this?

If you contribute to Magen David Adom using their online form, there is a box for comments. Put the word "Blogathon" in the comments box and they will track it as part of our ambulance drive.

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