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site o' the day

globey.gifMy wonderful friend Nancy a/k/a Jill Matrix and my old East/West pal Philo have created the site QueerDay.com.

About Queer Day:

Here at Queer Day we have witnessed the mainstreaming of queer culture, finding it most amusing to watch the mainstream press begin reporting our stories in greater depth and with more accuracy than "our press" does. Comprehensive news coverage seemed to be an idea of the past in a sea of poorly designed sites with annoying pop-up advertising. While rainbow flag waving is metaphorically important, we were more interested in rainbows of literal diversity. And we'd grown weary of watching what passes today for community degenerating into mere arenas for sexual hookups, not that we see anything the least bit wrong with hooking up mind you....Except for our original content, we give you a slice of what to expect and a link for you to go get more if you're interested. We're here to untangle the web for you and invite you to join us in the process

The site just launched yesterday and already they have some very interesting links up with diverse topics such as infertility common in lesbians, gay rights in Israel and ex-baseball player Billy Bean.

Nancy and Philo have done a fabulous job with this site. Please go check it out and if it's something that interests you, then make it a daily stop.

Love you, Nancy!


Yeah!!!! Queer news, queer stories!!! I think queer news is much more interesting than straight news. And it comes in much prettier colors, too! :))

awww, thanks. I love you, too. :)

Sometimes Michele, if you are out of ideas for content you should just post nothing until something worthy comes along. I just thought that site needs some more work. Maybe it will mature in the future.

Speaking of alternative lifestyles...
Any chick can be a lesbian, but I say it takes REAL balls to totally go into uncharted territory and become Mrs. Dr. Alex Stone! Not only do you take his last name, you get his first name as well, and for the bonus round you also get to grab his MD title to impress your friends at the bridge club.
So you want to be an individual, eh?
Become Donna Reed and just shut down all of the rest of those pretenders that DON'T know to make pie AND deal with waxy yellow build-up.

I tell you MIchele, you will become an inspiration for millions of women all over the world that would otherwise not know how to think without a strong man in their life telling them the facts of the world.
BTW, how is that pie coming?
And remember that the pearls go on last!

Get a grip, Jim. The site is one day old.

If you have nothing to say, you should wait until a post comes along that you can add something consructive to. Or just, you know...don't comment at all.

I think a queer site is just fine, not that there is anything wrong with that...

On second look I was too hasty in my judgment and now it seems like a wonderful site. If I ever need information on "things queer" that will be my first stop.

What ever would we do without trolls...

I'd check it out more, but they have an ad from that unbrandamerica site (the "black dot")... if I check back later when they have some other ad, I'll feel more comfortable reading stuff there.