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i sing of fonts

By Dr. Frank.

The Trebuchet Set

I love you and I'll say
it using Trebuchet
I'll make my feelings clear
if they don't disappear

because with Trebuchet
that's what you're gonna get
and my style sheet
is replete
with Trebuchet

I'm not a big success
with CSS
I limp along
pronounce it wrong
and make a mess

but if you come with me
aboard my Trebucheee
we can sail away
to Trebuchet,
just you and me


Maybe if you all pen an ode to your favorite font, Dr. Frank will make a cd of font songs. Fontastic songs?


To be sure, my font bambino
Is a lad named Palatino
Its serif features are compelling
And it does justice to storytelling

But when I'm on the literary attack
I tend to favor Cooper Black
It's strong and smart and rather chic
Not unlike font Letter Gothic

For writing stuff about news and crimes
There's no better font for that than Times
When the writing's slow and you don't want to hurry her
I would have to suggest you opt for Courier.

Finally, though, I have to say
I'd go with Monaco all the way
It's wide and big, a real page raper
Perfect for writing a lengthy term paper

If I couldn't use Tahoma
I would lapse into a coma
I can read it even when it's ti-i-i-iny!
I hope I don't sound cocky
'Cause the font is really blocky
Kinda like Anna Nicole Smith's hi-i-i-iney!

oh, Century Schoolbook
you're pretty fuckin' nifty
Century Schoolbook
straight outta the fifties

if you wanna type something
and make it sweet and naive
but just a little bit plain
like Spot, Dick, and Jane
Century Schoolbook

oh, Century Schoolbook
you got so much subtle class
Century Schoolbook
you'd kick Courier a New ass
Century Schoolbook

move over Kris Kristofferson.

Is this the start of a new genre? Font rock?