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the manly man wants woman to bake pie!

Judging from some comments and most of my mail, it might be better if I decided to forego any posts about politics, news, baseball or anything controversial, and went instead with writing about bunny rabbits and rainbows and cooking and birthing babies because that's what us women know best.

As if.

If anything, the misogynist fools haven given me all the more reason to write on those "manly man" subjects even more.

I do have a question, though. If someone, especially a troll, doesn't like what a woman blogger has to say, he will invariably call her a hussy or a whore or the like. So what do trolls call guys they hate with just as much passion? Man-whore? That's just so clunky.

Anyhow, maybe I'll post about carpentry or football later just to piss them off.

Umm..right after I finish this post I'm writing about The Golden Girls.


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Ok, just not about Barbequeing. Some lines were meant never to be crossed.

Ok, since you're going to write about manly-man things, could you tell me how you get your balls to stop itching? ;) Write about anything you want Michele. FUCK THEM.

Yes, what nastybastard said. Let those man-whores (or whoAAAAhhs if ya watch the Sopranos) with their manginas push a car up hill with a rope!

Most of the manly activities are escapes from women. Women have all the talent you'd want for, say, mathematics, but they can't sustain the delusion that it's important compared to a social life, and drop out.

You can wander over to usenet groups sci.math or sci.physics and I bet that out of the last thousand postings, zero are from women. These groups are inhabited by morons who mostly get things wrong, but care passionately about it. It's that passion that women lack, and that's why there are no women there.

There's been a couple of generations to change it if it's going to change. It's not.

Men tend to skepticism, wanting to settle things once and for all; hence caring about physics and math - wanting to know things beyond the human conditions of knowing, and that it seems to them does that. Women tend to fanaticism, loving beyond the human conditions for loving; and so different interests, including soap operas: for its inner struggle, soul searching and everlasting frustration. Feminism has the same appeal to them.

Wow, Ron. With each succeeding post, you get goofier.

Tell me, have you been a jackass all your life, or just since that hot chick at work turned you down when she heard your dick was the size of a pea pod?

You could write about horseback riding. Vicki Hearne explains the P&D theory, that it's good practice for marriage because you get to learn to control something powerful and dangerous between your legs. She feels the theory is wrong - she doesn't doubt that direct genital contact is possible, only that it's horsemanship. Anyway boys drop out of horse riding class about age 10 and girls don't. Hearne says that the boys' tendency to want to settle things right out doesn't make them tactful enough to deal with horses.

What's more frightening is that Ron probably looks normal. And works at a bank near you. Sheesh.

I've been reading for quite some time now, Michele. I'm a huge fan. You say things just the way I wish I could. Just write.

Sorry, no insults here.

Oh, come on. Now you're just goading me, Ron.

I was hoping there was something you knew about in there; the battle between the sexes has too long been overlooked. When it's done right, each side gets what it wants about half the time.

The going line is that there isn't supposed to be one. It's been replaced by the feminization of everything.

I wonder if there's a Hannah Arendt Foundation (motto: goodness that goes public turns into the worst sort of evil).

What's wrong with pie?

I think whenever you come across these types of questions, a good way to resolve them would be to ask: "What would Donna Reed do?"

I say break out that string of pearls little lady and start cookin'!


Not man-whore... prickless dick is more like it.

Ron, I bet you drive a REEEALLY BIG TRUCK, don't you?

Why do I hear birds every time Ron speaks?

And why do they always go "cuckoo! cuckoo!"?

Michele, I think the word you are reaching for (or one that would be appropriate in Ron's case) is "impotent."

A man having to put down women for expressing an opinion about important ideas and day-to-day life, can be aptly described as impotent. In oh, so many ways.

You have a troll (Ron Hardin) ...if you stop feeding him he'll go away. Shoo, troll.

I think your point of view is clearly feminine regardless of your topic choices.

Race may be a social construct; gender ain't.

Example: What is so difficult about getting up and leaving a room? Why does a woman take 10 minutes?

Woman: "We're leaving." Man stands and leaves the room. TIme elapsed. 4 seconds. Man turns around. Woman is not there. He waits. Waits. Goes back inside. Woman is about to leave. Man goes back outside. Waits. Woman comes outside. Virtually every man in all known races can bond on this matter.

As for suggestions for swearing, well, I don't call woman names, since it's dishonorable and hypocritical.

Insulting men, I usually ridicule or challenge their arguments, then their intelligence, their character, their courage, and finally their honor. If I go to honor, I have to be prepared to defend the challenge. For the record, I've rarely gone to honor. \

But a troll like Ron Hardin, I'd: (1) Ignore him. (2) Warn him. (3) If he insisted on posting, I'd start editing his comments in a way he would find uncomfortable.

Some of the comments here are really puerile. I enjoy this blog, but the comments for the most part, are just name calling and mud slinging.

"I do have a question, though. If someone, especially a troll, doesn't like what a woman blogger has to say, he will invariably call her a hussy or a whore or the like. So what do trolls call guys they hate with just as much passion? Man-whore? That's just so clunky."

I'll tell you if you really wanna know.

You start with the basics. The guy's a "pussy." If it escalates, you can ad a "fucking" in front of it. As you progres on down the list of words that imply the man is less than you, inevitably, it ends up with whomever of the two has less class calling the other one a "goddamned faggot."

I'm sure you can draw the degrees in between. :)

<happily munching popcorn>

I have to agree with JimK about insulting his masculinity but if you really want to insult him, you've got to insult his mind because that's what make men feel superior.

Ron, do you dress up as your mother in the evenings? Just wondering.

Ron, did Silke and Meg beat you up again?

Troll king,

my uncle had a perfect solution to that problem. When my aunt said, C'mon, Joe, we're leaving", he immediately stood up, went to the kitchen and got a beer.

He's done the beer, my aunt was ready to leave.

Of course Aunt Catherine was late for her own funeral, but that's a tale for another time.

Imperial Falconer

Insulting Ron about his penis size does nothing but make him feel bad (or delight him that you would waste time to insult him) about something totally unrelated to his lack of intelligence. If he's dumb, you tell him he's dumb, not that he has a small dick. Jesus.

Monkeypants: Your uncle was a wise man.

Mostly I like what you write about, 'ceptin' for that stuff y'all yankees call 'music'. Your music needs banjos 'n fiddles.
Now that I'm retired and the boss has another four years or so before she takes her pension I wish you WOULD write about cooking some, since it became my job, well, we could use the help.
I got an idea, though, that you'll write about what interests you and I'll keep reading the stuff you write that intersets me and glance over the stuff that doesn't.
More of the stuff you write must interest me than doesn't. I keep comin' back.

Oh, my, all those big words are too confusin' for l'il ol' me to follow.

Ron, could you please use smaller words so I can keep up?


the battle of the sexes is one of my favorite topics. i'm usually in agreement with you, michele on most topics but i have a severe aversion to the term "misogynist" being applied everytime the female gender is criticized. (also to references to small penis size)

most heterosexual men that appear to dislike women don't hate them but fear them.

Damnit woman, if i want to fingerpaint, then im gonna fingerpaint! Now get back in the kitchen and make me some PIE!

Damn Michele, I can't believe Eric Cartman reads your blog:)

(Picks up keyboard from where she dropped it)

{Sits next to McGhee, slurping on a large coke (no ice) and munching on Milk Duds. Mmmm, Milk Duds.}

"So what do trolls call guys they hate with just as much passion?

I believe the answer is "Republicans." Or some such other invective.

I was called a barroom whore once, but that was worse than manwhore....

Why does your troll keep coming back like a dog eating his own puke?

Ron Hardin, as a man, I find your gross generalizations about how I am supposed to think not just insulting, but ridiculous.

Do not claim to speak for all men when you are clearly talking about yourself and your problems with the other gender. I don't fall into your grand categories and I suspect most of the other men and women who come here don't either.


I find the battles between the sexes rather amusing. Especially morons who use the words 'womans work' when referring to things like cleaning and cooking. I do both, but as I grew up on a farm and am the oldest daughter (no brothers), I got to be the boy in the family. So, my mom taught me to cook and sew and other such things. But my dad taught me to build fences, plow and plant fields, bale and haul hay, butcher hogs and drive any farm machine you can name and some you never heard of. My friends thought I was crazy to hang out with my dad so much at the feed store and the cattle auctions and the seed store. But you know who else is there. The sons of the other farmers. Farmers' daughters love farmers' sons.

how should you go by seeking a love that came to you in the first years.....then a moment of time passes how would you seek it out again... and it leaves the relationship where?