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Blogathon: blatant plea for sponsorship

Ok, everyone. The time is nigh.

Loosen up those purse strings and head over to this Blogathon page to sponsor me [see post here for details].

If Laurence, Meryl and I pool our pledges, we may raise enough money for Magen David Adom to buy a well-equipped ambulance.

You can pledge by the hour, or a flat rate for the 24 hours. You can pledge big or small. Every little bit counts. And anyone who sponsors me gets a post sometime during that 24 hours devoted to them on the subject of their choice. You will also be listed prominently in my sidebar as a person of distinguishing taste and amazing generosity.

I promise it will be a fun night of mayhem and madness, considering some of the people that will be doing the 24 hour thing along with me. I'm hoping to carry on with the tradition started last year of nearly incoherent instant messaging.

Let's hear those bills unfolding, change rattling and credit cards making whatever noise credit cards in action make. Sponsor me and I'll be your humble servant for 24 hours on July 26th. Make me proud, guys.

[I'm still taking suggestions on what to blog about that night. I think I will do whatever anyone asks of me in the comments here, within reason, taste and flexibility of my limbs, but sponsors get first dibs on bossing me around for that evening]

UPDATE Thanks so far to:
Anonymous #2
Anonymous #3
Anonymous #4

(If any of you want me to write about something particular that night, just email me.)


Seems fairly obvious to me. You should do a twenty-four hour wine-tasting with a different bottle each hour. Heh heh.

Funky SQL error messages, so I don't know if my pledge wlent through. We'll see, if I get the confirming e-mail.

It might be worth checking that the $240 sponsor didn't mean to sponsor $10 flat rate but hit the hourly button by mistake. This happened to me last year. (And no, I'm not sour because you just passed me on the "most money pledged table" ;-)

I'm kind of figuring that's what happened because it happened to John, who wanted to donate $24, not $240.

If you see an anonymous pledge for $432, that's me, and yes, it's a mistake (see Nic's comment - same thing). I'm not sure how it happened, but I think I have an idea. Since I'm at work, I'll just blame Windows like I always do - this wouldn't have happened if I were at home using my Linux machine. Anyway, I've already sent the embarrassing "I didn't mean that much" email to the admin.

My donation was listed as going to the Sceroderma Foundation...that is NOT what I wanted...I wanted mine to be for Mogen David Adom......damnit !!

Now, what...is there some way to fix it ??? There better be!

Michelle, Cat Conner psoted a message to the Yahoo Group which says: Folks, we have a problem with the database and your sponsors are still getting to bad pages because some of you have put up direct links to your sponsorship pages.

Could you please take them down, at least temporarily, so I can be spared angry emails?

Sponsorship? Kids these days. Can't they just skate for fun? Sheesh?!? I was a the skatepark in Louisville, KY and all these kids kept asking me if they were good enough skaters to get sponsored. For crying out loud. Just skate for the fun of it. Don't look outside yourself for validation.

And the same goes for your blog.

Pelvis resley.

Pelvis, you didn't score too well on Reading for Comprehension on your exams, did you?

Please let us know when that glitch is fixed about which charity you really are sponsoring. So far, the only thing I could do to prevent anything going to the Scleroderma Foundation in error was to ignore the confirming link. When they ever get around to putting your name up with Magen David Adom listed, there will, indeed be a donation from me. Until then, it will just have to wait !!!

Wine? If you’ve got 24 hours, surely you can make brandy? That’s gotta be more fun than pie . . .