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random linkage on a monday morning

Culled, in no particular order and completely at random, from my blogrolls, links list and favorites. All guaranteed safe for work. No porn, no naked chicks, no evil monkeys. Go on, click a few.

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You promise no evil monkeys?

Your links appear to be in the shape of me wearing my favorite sombrero. What gives?

A fine distraction for a Monday morning. But honestly, I was already distracted by your site today.

I mean the weekend just ended, right ? I don't keep up with all that is Michele enough, so I'm curious if there is a bit of pent up sexual energy going on here. Which - don't get me wrong - is a fine thing, indeed!

But I read this entry, and then the Blogathon entry, and then linked back to the Mike Savage entry and here's what I find...

...naked chicks... ...porn... ...boobs... ...boobfest... ...no bra... ...braless...

I'm starting to see a trend emerge here!

So is it me, or is it you ? Or both ? I'm thinking you, since I was treated to a blindfolded, handcuffed evening of exquisite temptation on Saturday, so I don't have anything "pent up". How about you ?

Hunter S. Thompson rules yo.

No porn, no naked chicks, no evil monkeys... why on earth would I click on any of them then?!

How nice of you to pair me up with "News of the Weird." ;)

I had a little trouble finding my way back to where I left off, but I had a great time. I liked most of the links, and bookmarked about a half a dozen.


Suddenly I'm in the mood for burritos.

hey, that looks like a hookah...