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the world of winer

And you thought I was too sensitive and self-absorbed?

So I'm shutting down Scripting News now, to give me some time to think, and to give you all a demo of what it would be like if it weren't here.

Let me guess, Winer. The sun will still rise and set, the laws of gravity will still exist and I'll still have to go to work in the morning.

The world does not revolve around you, hon, despite what the evil monkey in your closet tells you.


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Frank is right. You are too. Those monkeys are EEEEE- ville.




Look, it's another weblogger in a snit because people are being mean to him. Coming up, after the commercial break: Dog bites man.


I'm torn between feeling sorry for someone who's been subjected to nastiness, and then hoping he realizes that taking abuse is what you get when you stick your neck out and give opinions.

Slander is wrong, but someone thinking you're a jerk, and saying so? I try not to do that, but I realize: this is where I stand. Speaking of which, I have a column worth reading on this...

MY evil monkey tells me to buy Frank's T-shirt so that he can use it in a dark ritual, so I guess Winer's monkey is relatively benign. For a monkey, that is.

That was just SAD. :)

Poor fellow. Takes it far too seriously. He's absolutely right to shut it down. Hope he doesn't crack up completely when nobody misses him.

Man, those evil monkeys will get you every time. I guess I should be lucky that I have a morally ambiguous monkey in my closet that tells me truthful things like "Nobody cares about you," and "You're going to die alone and afraid."

Hmmm... what kind of person gets validation by posting supportive e-mails from their mother on the web?

I've got a monkey with a masked IP and a fax machine. Just say the word and he'll send something to this guy's boss.

Does his evil monkey terrorize a big oaf voiced by Seth Green as well? There seems to be an epidemic of evil monkeys around...

Seth Green? didn't he really create Napster, or did he just play that guy in a movie?

Jesus, what an arrogant, egotistical a*****e. Did he ever stop to consider that we just might be better off without him?

It's hard to say Dave hasn't brought it on himself, at least in part. But, then again, a few people (notably Mark Pilgrim) seem to have been piling on.

Anyway, it's not like Iread Winer anyway...

Before writing Dave off as "too sensitive and self-absorbed" it's worth noting that he has recently become the center of a controversy revolving around RSS and the Echo project.

Dave, as the major shareholder in Userland, has a vested interest in supporting the RSS 2.0 standard and is subject to a steady stream of ad honinem attacks-- yes, he is vocal, arrogant and opinionated. However, he is also a guy who devotes a great deal of time to projects that benefit the commons.

I've honestly never really read him, whenever people have linked to him I read a bit, am not impressed, and leave. He may be one of the big brains that develop stuff, and people were definately meaner than they needed to be, but he also seems like he's got more ego than anyone needs!

Dave gets into these huffs from time to time, but he's never taken down Scripting News before. I stopped reading that site because I'm not really interested in the tech end of things anymore.

Dave gets ad hominem attacks? Um, so do we all. You'd think he'd just get a thicker skin after all these years. It's not like his detractors make a secret of their dislike.

Let me guess, Winer. The sun will still rise and set, the laws of gravity will still exist and I'll still have to go to work in the morning
... and lots of people will link to that particular story, and he'll have his (yet another) moment of fame in the sun...
and, the very next day, he'll be back at it, as if nothing had happened

Ya know, when I was in the 1st grade and I'd be playing with my dolls and another kid would want to be the 'mommy' - always - so she could order everybody around 'n' stuff, and I'd say 'no' and she'd threaten to take her dollies and go home; I'd say "un-kay, bye."