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It's that time of year, boys and girls. Time to torture myself with everlasting awakeness all in the name of charity and boobs.

Yes, the Blogathon is upon us once again on July 26th.

Last year, I raised a nice amount of money for the Daniel Pearl Foundation, thanks to blogging help from Melly. Yes, it turned into a boob-fest, but that's besides the point. And don't come looking for that this year, it ain't happening.

I've decided on my charity already. I will be, along with Laurence, blogging for Magen David Adom in the 2003 Blogathon.

What is Magen David Adom? Here's what Laurence posted:

Magen David Adom (MDA) was organized in 1930 in Tel Aviv as a volunteer "shoestring" operation by a group of seven Israeli doctors, as a one-room emergency medical service. A second MDA group formed in Haifa in 1931 and a third in Jerusalem in 1934. In 1935, a national organization was formed to provide medical services to the public and the Hagana. MDA Ambulance Its founding members were physicians, members of the Hagana and private citizens. During the 1936-39 Arab Riots, MDA gave first-aid training to the Hagana and the auxiliary police and medical aid to the wounded. During World War II, MDA worked within the general framework of Israel's Civil Defense Organization, as an arm of the Jewish Legion of the British Forces. In July of 1950, the Knesset (Israel's Parliament) ratified the Magen David Adom Law, which charged MDA with responsibility for:
  • Providing auxiliary service to Israel's Army Medical Corps in wartime,
  • including providing emergency medical care for the wounded and war refugees.
  • Providing civilian emergency and medical and first-aid services and temporary shelter in emergency situations.
  • Maintaining a blood bank for civilian use. Subsequently, MDA has played a major role in providing vital lifesaving services during each of Israel's wars, skirmishes and terrorist attacks; as well as in times of peace.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out what to do for those 48 hours. I think I'd like a clearer definition of what I'm going to post about than I did last year.

So, music? Comics? Books? Fiction? Essays? Posts on my favorite things to do while drunk? Stories about my deranged family? Cute pictures of my kids? (kidding). Photos? Politics? Nah.

If you were going to read this blog for 24 hours straight (which I'm not really expecting anyone to do, but you'll go into the Small Victory Hall of Fame if you do) what would you want to see here?

The above button was made by Joni for the Blogathon folks. I'm thinking of asking her to make one with Lenore on it for me


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You could take the first 24 topics suggested in the comments and devote one hour each to them.

I'd suggest: How did you and your husband meet?


No, seriously.

How about a theme of one post for each of the fifty states?

Hey. Why not do what I did? Last year's blogathon happened like a week after I'd moved to Richmond. I winged it all and relied on the kindness of people like Combustible Boy and Susanna Cornett, who supplied me with guest posts.

This year, I'm going to prepare maybe three posts so I can have time for showering, lunch, and dinner.

Oh, like I'm gonna get up earlier to take a shower? I don't think so. It starts at 9. I'll be up at 8:55.

Part of the fun was being all sleazy by the end of the 24 hours. No showering allowed!

I was going to ask you for more info on the MDA, but then I realized I was on this here Internet thingy...duhuh.

I find it incredible that an organization with the same focus as the Red Cross and Red Crescent can't even get their symbol the same protections. The American Red Cross is working to help remedy that situation, but good grief, who do you have to beat over the head with a clue stick? I realize they're keeping them out of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Society for political reasons, but couldn't they come up with a less lame excuse than, "They don't use the same symbol as us."?

I'll be signing up for several blogathoners' charities, since I'll be away and unable to participate. But I just wanted to say that you and Laurence picked a good 'un.

Pick a whole bunch of topics. Run polls the day of..... winning topic is what you agree to blog.

Great comments guys. Peter FDA

I think you have made the web an art form with your site.


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