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Sorry for the lack of posting today, I was busy finishing up the new Harry Potter.

Without giving anything away, I can say that it was part Star Wars, part Homeland Security and part [insert coming of age book here]. And I discovered that I really don't like Harry at all. He's the kind of kid I despised in school. Sure, he has a lot going on in that head of his, but he's still to self-absorbed and petulant for my taste. And I definitely liked the way Neville matured in this book.

Even though the foreshadowing was too obvious and even though I saw some of the plot twists coming a mile away and even though the dialogue was tedious at some points, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book in spite of these things. So much so that - like with any decent book - I was very sorry that it came to an end.

Now, onto the next part of Transmetropolitan, as well as The Language Police.

Well, not right away. I've got a day's worth of blogging to catch up on.


I finished it yesterday. I definitely liked Neville a lot in this book too. I have to say I do like Harry, though his attitude was pretty annoying for a while. Of course, he is a fifteen year old boy, so it's not terrible surprising that he has one. I will be waiting to see what happens in the next one.

As Kymberlie says; he's an annoying fifteen-year old. It's to be expected.

Actually, I still like him. Despite all the whining and sulking, he's still likeable to me. And being "the boy who lived" has got to be a complete bitch, mentally.

I'm on my second read of the book. I think I'm enjoying myself. No, I KNOW I'm enjoying myself.

Add to that the fact that he'd ended his previous year watching a friend die in his arms, seeing the murderer of his own parents restored to life in front of his very eyes, and then spent the entirety of this current misadventure alternately having a bag pulled over his head about what was going on, being savaged as a lying lunatic by the Powers That Be, getting subjected to relentless sadism by his pettier enemies, and otherwise being subjected to every sling and arrow outrageous fortune had handy...well, I don't know too many full grown men who'd handle such a continuous onslaught of shittiness gracefully, much less any teenage boys.
Considering he did ride to the rescue when needed, and in spite of it all tried to do the right thing whenever he could, I think he can be forgiven a year of puberty-laden angst and adolescent temper. Makes him more real, as well. I mean, honestly, would you be able to stomach the story if he was a totally cherubic, insufferably noble "poor little rich boy?" Kudos to JK Rowling for avoiding that pitfall, and letting her character go through all the growing pains necessary-- even the "angry young man" phase.

Actually, his character development is what made the book so interesting. I didn't say I didn't like the book because Harry was insufferable in parts; I merely stated that I thought he changed - and that made for good reading.

I have about twenty pages left. I don't want it to end.

Harry has been kind of a little prick in this book. I still like him. But really, I think I read the books for Hermione.

And Dumbledore and Professor McConagall. Yeah, I think I am going to turn around and read it again.


I just strated The Sorceror's Stone and I have the first four reayd to read. I leave Kosovo July 16. I wonder how many I'll read between now and then.

I just finnished the 5th a few days ago, and I realized every book ends up with harry in dumbledore's office with everything getting explained to him.

And if I was harry, I'd be ashamed of my father.

"And if I was harry, I'd be ashamed of my father"

That bothered me. There had been some hints that James was rambunctious, but nothing like that.

And then something struck me. That was someone else's memory--why did no one point out that our feelings color our thoughts, and our memories. It would've made more sense than the impression we're left with.

And there were so many opporunities to do just that. So why didn't she?