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sweet cherry pie

Ok, ok, here's your damn pie.

cherrypie.jpg redwine.jpg

Tastes so good, makes a grown man cry.

[the wine is for Andrea]


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First! My Favorite.Thank you!!!!

Mmmm, pie. Does it go with red wine? (Of course it does. Everything goes with red wine.)

Mmmm red wine... oh, sorry, got distracted by the wine. Mmmm, pie!!

Wiiiine! (Slurp.) Is good.


I wanted cake!

mmmmmmmm cherry

Here's your cake.


Can I have apple pie instead? The wine is good, though!

Damn, you people are picky.

Crap. I'm on a frickin' diet.

Pie makes everything better.

In walked her daddy, standin' six-foot-four
Said 'You ain't gonna swing with my daughter no more'

Do you think this subject should really Warrant such attention?

Groan. (Yes, I know I made the first Warrant allusion!)

Thank you Michele. A glass of wine, a piece of pie, and thou.

Hooraaaayyyy!! PIE!!

Pie is good, but I kina wish I'd been around for the fireworks. "The Order of the Phoenix" has been cutting into my internet time, lately. Sheesh.

'Chele, I haven't said anything about Strom Thurmond's passing on my own blog because I know that I would just spew invective and hurt people's feelings. I'm so glad you don't care. Hurrah! Long live the Little Dead Girl!


I've heard of feeding the trolls, but this is ridiculous!

Dissent cannot be silenced simply by delinking it.

you are the pie
the cherry
the crust
the juice
the whole damn enchilada
i talked about you on my site today
check it out
and rock on!

Thank you!

Nowt wrong with a bit of Warrant, just as long as you don't actually take them seriously. Personally I think that the first DRSFR, was their best, oddly enough just like Poison, GnR, Cinderalla and a lot of those 80s bands.

Course that might have something to do that they were all signed to majors who forced them to pump out a sophmore release before they were ready. Well GnR sophmore release(s) were actually rather good, but they are the exception not the rule.

Hot damn, pie! I came over to read you at just the right time! :)

You are a closet hair metal freak!

that not taste like the wine but "arak"