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a thought

Here's an interesting thought.

Remember Rachel Corrie? Remember how I "danced on her grave," so to speak?

Not one single person on the right who is villifying me now for saying good riddance to Strom Thurmond ever said one word about my speaking ill of the dead or being a nasty person when I wrote Rachel Corrie.

Interesting. Very interesting.

Also, if you are going to trudge through other people's comments making disparining remarks about me, have at it. However, by calling me a leftist you only prove that you are a fool who does not know of what you speak. Do your homework before you call people names, mmmkay?


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Not having shed a single crocodile tear at that old lecherous racist fart's passing, I'd like to ask...

Care to dance? (how about a nice waltz)

I don't waltz. How about The Hustle?

I hate when people want to either classify someone as liberal or conservative...it's all about individual issues. come on people.

The assumptions of some people just amazes me. At least do a little research before you start insulting people.

What I want to know is when it became necessary to personally attack someone who has a different freaking political agenda than you?

Off with their heads.

I'll teach you the waltz, instead.

(can't resist)

The Hustle was Strom's gig......

It's amusing, isn't it?

According to Mykeru, I'm a conservative - but according to conservative Catholic Mark Shea, I'm one of those evil atheist liberals. I'm all confoozled.

Can't we all just get along and slap ass?

I find if fuckin' hilarious how those "you're either with us or against us" people [and YES they come from ALL sides!] are your best friend because you're a sarcastic, cocky, know it all, that isn't afraid to stick to tha' man, yet when you show you aren't on any side and noone is safe, they turn against you..and call you a traitor. What the hell? Get your facts straight. And stop always needing a group to follow.
Thank you.
ends PSA

I can't believe they insult you so much as to call you a liberal!!! ACK! I'd be fucking pissed off too.

You -- you -- ambidextrist!

Heh heh. That sounds dirty.

Hey, Andrea!!! I resemble that remark!

Jeez, Michele. They got ya coming and going.

The truth is that if you get old enough in America you get a kinda pass for all the stupid things you did in your youth. Strom wasn't a product of his times. There were lots of folks who were not racists growing up all around him.

I never bought a change of heart. He just realized that black folks voted, and that's all they ever were, voters. I can't believe they ever became people to him.

"Then, the doctor told me that BOTH my eyes were lazy! And that's why it was the best summer ever."

DISCLAIMER: I'm not delinking anybody, and I think this whole episode was bound to happen given how much of a lightning rod Thurmond is since the Lott controversy.


I don't think the case is necessarily the same with Rachel Corrie. After all, she died right in the middle of her stupidity. If Thurmond had died in 1960 or so, we probably would have only known him as a racist pig. But he didn't. He also grew, strange as that may seem.

He never became the second coming of Lyndon Johnson, but he was the first southern senator to hire a black aide, and recently voted to expand the voting rights act. He received 20 percent of the black vote in his last election, more than any other republican in SC history.

I think what bothers a lot of people about Thurmond is that he never broke down and did a Jimmy Swaggert ("I have sinned.") He just evolved.

I find the whole affair somewhat disconcerting. I live in SC right now, and you'd be amazed at how differently the man is viewed by people around here. (I grew up in Texas, so I have no personal knowledge of the stuff, and could care less either way)

But I do think Chuck is way off base. So what if you don't "buy" the change of heart? No one asked you to. You can read the Greenville News or Columbia State and find scads of stories of personal attention that Thurmond paid to his constituents ("voters") - white and black. Now, you may cynically think of those "voters" as less than "people," but some of the stories about Thurmond personally delivering passports and getting people through red tape are amazing.

No senator has to respond to these "constituent issues." In fact, most Senators couldn't be bothered. So to the people Thurmond helped, the issues were "human" issues, not "voter" issues.

Maybe Thurmond understood more about humanity than you give him credit for. And I think - deep down - that's ultimately what really pisses people off about him.

Yes! Off with their heads!

Bryan nailed the difference between the deaths of Corrie and Thurmond.

Ha! Dancing on the grave of someone didn't bother them when it was Paul Wellstone!

(And, yes, I thought his memorial was a bad-tasting joke by the Democrats. This was from before that.)

Just shows people don't always let us live the life we want; Rachel Corrie did not want to become a famous person, but she was bulldozed into it.