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the gentle art of making enemies

I always wanted super powers. However, the power to alienate those I like wasn't quite what I had hoped for.

[click for evil villian size - courtesy of hero maker]

I suppose that makes more of a villian, eh?

What makes me smile - unintentionally, I suppose - is wisecracks like this:

Alright, you're a stupid woman. Quit talking about things over your head, like politics and go make me some pie. [in the comments here]

You just wish you could have some of my pie, don't you, Daniel?

To those who have sent me emails with headers like "Your family should die next," please note that I have my Charlie Brown Filter set on high, so any emails from idiots like you come out as nothing but wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.

Thank you and have an enjoyable evening. I'll be over here making enemies out of everyone and anyone.


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Unfair! You get all the best enemies! (Pout.)

Friends are overrated.
And high-maintenance.
Like the old song says..."I called up my buddy Jack Daniels, and his partner Jimmy Beam...and I drank alone..."
Quality vs. quantity.

Did you alienate me? Crap, I've got to start paying closer attention!

but I don't want to insult you I think you kick ass!

Smooches from one who adores the playa but is sticking to the sidelines til the liberal/conservative game is finished.
I know. It could be a while.
The teams are pretty well matched. ;D

Go ahead and alienate them. I don't always agree with you, but for osme reason I picture the comment section as a party. You may one day earn the honor of a Frank J lie in IMAO :)

Oh, Frank is always lying about me. He hates me, don't you know? It has something to do with monkeys, I presume.

Hey! Are you offering some of your pie to us? Did I miss something here? I'll have a nice hot piece thanks.

Mmmm.. Pie.

Better'n pancakes, I tell ya!

See what happens?

I've been reading this site for a year and aside from your fondness for Faith No More, your post about Thurmond was the first thing you've ever said I agree with.

I read you not for affirmation of my views, but because your a good writer and occasionally make me question my liberal preconceptions. That I thank you for.

Pppppphhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope you're allergic to raspberries.

Please explain more about how we can get some of this pie.

(see, some of us DO pay attention to the important part of the posts)

I love pie,cherry and mince meat especially.Occasionally I might ,reluctantly,have to choke down some humble pie too.
Strict party liners,both right and left are pinheads.Their minds are open only to their 'cause', with no room for deviation or dissent.
I`m a hard core Reagan style conservative but that doesn`t mean I`m a party liner.I like Metal and Punk Rock.The girls I date are almost always very liberal (I still can`t figure that one out).
My point is that variety is the spice of life.
I come here because I want to read about you as a person.I might agree with you on many things and disagree on others ( Ann,Strom,Rap music),But I come here because I like your blog and you as a person.
Now...Did someone mention pie?
Keep up the good work.

"Swinehood hath no remedy."
--Sidney Lanier (this is the line which redeemed an otherwise pathetically bad poet)

I'm thinking this particular shoe fits both a few frothing delinkers and some recently-deceased politicians with questionable standards and motivations.

Michele, some people make much better enemies than they do friends, not least because the reek of hypocrisy transfers easily and is harder than hell to remove. You're better off without 'em.

I'd go to the store right now for some pie but I have already had one large goblet of Aussie shiraz. Mmmm, red wine and cherry pie...

What? You didn't like the costume I made for you in April, Queen Katana?

Fine. Just add me to the list of people you're pissing off. (Actually, I'm late to the party. Who are we pissing off and why? And what's this about pie? Never mind. Gotta go catch up... I'm sure there are some Bite Me's to be doled out somewhere.)

I like how that Aaron-guy spouted off about personal attacks -- and how you started them -- when he was the first one to lob a grenade... And then says others are acting like four year-olds! "Hey Pot, this is Kettle--YOU"RE BLACK!"

F*ck 'em. I'd be proud to have enemies like that.

I think your Alienator costume is way cool.

Oh, and while the world is not vanilla flavored, I think you should consider a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the cherry pie.

the URL for the delinking post is in the URL for this entry.... or it can be found here - http://www.jquinton.com/archives/000049.html

"go make me some pie"

I think he was quoting Cartman!

"Get your ass in the kitchen and make me a chicken pot pie" - definitely Cartman. It's what I hear every time the Mister loses an arguement.

Thank you so much for the Heroine Maker!

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