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disavowing the freepers

And the new comment policy comes into play already. I does say in the comment box that I am free to rip you a new one if you leave an idiotic comment, and so I will.

On the Strom post:

I used to read you every day but ever since you said crap about Mike Savage I stopped. I know you probably don't care, but you're wrong. I even linked you at Free Republic you had fans from there going here.

Today I was looking up stuff about Mark Morford whom I hate, so I found you again. And you say unkindly things about Strom!

BTW, if you think I'm some Southern Trash you're wrong. I'm Jewish and live in San Francisco and have been through all the hip/boho crap you have (but you still hang onto it).

Maybe it's your "persona" to act mean even to our own side (Repub) but I don't appreciate it.

Posted by: Former Fan of Yours on June 27, 2003 01:35 PM

It's always the negative ones who refuse to leave a real name or email address.

Personally, FFoY, I don't really care if you are still reading or not. The thing is, I have this policy where I don't subjugate myself to the ideologies of my readers. If I offended you, well, so be it. It's not like I read your comment and thought, Oh my! Perhaps I shouldn't say bad things about the raging homophobe Michael Savage anymore! Or, Oh no! I should never, ever say bad things about a Republican again!

See, I don't believe in sides or labels. I am not "one of you," nor will I ever be. In fact, I would be downright appalled if I was ever thought to be a Freeper. Freepers are the equivalent of the people at Democratic Underground, people who refuse to see two sides of an issue, people whose main form of debating is to really not debate at all, but to call the opposition ugly names and make ad hominem attacks.

I may be a registerd Republican, and I may fall on the right side of the fence, but that does not make me a full-fledged wingnut. I am not one of you. So the fact that you're going to run to the message boards and tell your Freeper friends to abandon ship and never read me again because I dirtied the memory of your beloved, racist Strom Thurmond has about as much meaning to me as if Ted Rall said he hated me. That is to say, none.

If my "mean" persona insults you, then run away, fast. There's more where that came from. Did you see my post on Ann Coulter the other day? I'm sure that will make you break out in hives.

As for hanging on to my hippie/boho sensibilities, that's not entirely true. What I hang onto is my belief that racism and homophobia are ugly, vile things, as are the people who embrace those things.

That would be you, hon.

Now go put on your white hood and burn some crosses like a good wingnut.


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I am still hoping "former fan boy" was attempting parody. No one could really type such things and mean it.

Right? (My remaining microgram of faith in humanity trembles at the edge of the drain...)

Here, now squeeze in the lemon juice...no, no, use the wire brush.

I couldn't get past his first sentence. I mean, Mike Savage? C'mon!

do you have any idea how much I hate that people are so blinded by party lines that they refuse to even look at the facts on an issue??? "Clinton rules, Bush sucks. Whatever goes wrong in your life is Bushes fault and all the good in your life is Clintons doing!!!!" Yeah, that's it. Did you know the budget crisis is Bush's fault? Not Davis, noooooo not a democrat mismanaging money!!! It's not possible. it's the evil republicans, I don't even care if you the facts and numbers show that it IS Davis' fault, he's a democrat, it can't be his fault... That's the argument I just had with a democrat who's going to get Bush out of office... Ok, I'm done now... pass the rum and coke. thank you

Wowie, Mich. Stand up for yourself. :)

heh. yvonne, i ran into the exact same thing today at another blog. all the world's problems are bush's fault. and all the world's problems before bush took office were reagan and bush sr.'s fault. and when i asked for evidence to support it, i was told to keep my political rants out of that person's comments. what the f*ck EVER. moonbats. i swear.

My respect level for you just tripled. I may not agree with everything you say, but at least you think for yourself.

Good for you! Strom is a racist fuck and deserves no respect. He's rotting in hell now. Thank the lord.

Wow -- bozzy got the memo from the Big Guy! {Impressed}

Oops, I forgot:


ok and imeant californias budget crisis...

Ideological purity is foolishness. I used to be on the freeper level back when I was 18 (yes, I have no heart) and I voted for Alan Keyes in 96. College, the military, and life in general has made me more liberal, though I'm still pretty conservative and Attila the Hun is still a personal hero of mine, but I'm willing to think about decisions rather than trying to follow some doctrinaire set of beliefs. In supporting the war, I dissented against the Pope for the first time.

Michael Totten made a recent entry where I am the new mainstream :) I've evolved from a Paleoconservative to a neocon/libertarian. I also like both Henry Kissinger and Christopher Hitchens, which I put in the same group to elicit shock value :)

I still have my predjudices and preferences, like my use of the nickname Arm-waver Ashcroft, but nobody's perfect.

About being anonymous; I do not leave emails for the spam harversters to obtain. Sorry. I wish it were otherwise but I started responding to blogs and suddenly my spam multiplied four-fold. I know it is not your fault. I know some bloggers think they have protection. But for me, the best protection to not to leave my address.

I really wish it was not this way. I would prefer to leave my address. But I do not need a 'larger penis' or breast cream to make my boobs bigger. I do not need a new loan or a 'get rich quick' scheme.

I am ready for the federal Do-Not-Spam list. I am on-board already. Hooray for Bill Gates for suing spammers. Now it is Steve Case's turn!

I do not leave emails for the spam harversters to obtain.

That's why God created Hotmail. Set up an account, use it only in situations like this, and marvel at the amount of garbage that gets diverted.

What's so wrong about saying bad things about Strom? He was a bad man!

Very nicely put, Michele.

In honor of your current troubles, I have de-linked you, and then linked to you again. As another blogger who loves to piss off both sides of the fence, I feel your pain.

BTW, I think you'd be perfect... if you'd just stop driving that damned SUV!

If you had a nickel for every person who wrote a comment in your blog saying "I used to be a faithful reader of your site, but...", you wouldn't need PayPal tips any longer.

As to Microsoft's attack vs. spammers, you might want to look at this article:
In principle, it might work. In practice, there is some room for collateral damage to people who buy domains once owned by spammers.

I'm a big shot in a small town in Wisconsin. We are ALL republicans here. I can fire people if they piss me off.

What's with you pussies? Afraid to respond to my manly statement? I am IN CHARGE of the City!!
People and underlings are afraid of crossing me!
This is what being a Republican is all about! I am currently beating off!

Done. Actually, I have to answer to a boss, but fuck him ( I just did in my fantasy). The point is,
you don't cross me unless you want to be in my fantasies!!