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survival of the elders

Here's the thing about getting a group of 13 year olds together: The age the kids will act is in direct inverse proportion to the number of kids in the group.

They played and swam with the reckless abandon and joyfullness of three year olds. And it was good.

I have to say, Natalie's friends are well-behaved and polite, even if they dress like street people and swear like, umm....me.

Some of the kids even sat down with me and we had real, live conversations! We discussed Harry Potter and the state of punk music and Roger Clemens. My own daughter didn't give me so much as a glance during the whole party, but her friends were a captive audience when I told them about the early days of punk rock.

I'm completely exhausted. Not just from watching the pool every ten minutes to make sure there wasn't an overlooked drowned person laying on the bottom, and not just because I had to keep running over to the outside television (playing a constant stream of digital music radio stations) and turning the station when some profanity-laden song came on, but damn was it hot out. My sister and I (thanks for all your help, Jo!) were like two servants, sweating and huffing and puffing and feeling very, very old in the face of all this youthful exuberance.

Not too tired to get a few more posts in before I pass out, however.


Looks like a great time! Glad you survived it! :-D

Glad the party worked out. That was one cool looking cake.

I would like to show this cake ot my readers.

I will be sure to link you (and keep reading)!

That is a very cool cake!

Looks like the kidlings had a good time.