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psa: where is my mind?

There will be no further posting until this evening. I have taken my sanity for granted by allowing Natalie to have 30 or so 13 year olds over for a very belated (as in, it was supposed to be in February) birthday/pool party. Should you never hear from me again, you know the reason why.

Look for some very drunken blogging later on tonight.

Oh, you have to read this: Whoops, I bought a Mustang!


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I reccomend either Bourbon sours or chilled sake. The weather the last few days cries out for either... I can't remember the brand, but there's a sake out there infused with different flavors... rasberry, yuzu, hazelnut, vanilla... I reccomend the peach one... very smooth, lightly flavored... tasty...

I love the site - it's cool.
I have put you on my blogroll list.
Can you do the same for me?


shakes head just a bit despairingly at Martin

...Hell, I can sympathize with that Los Alamos chick - I can hardly go out for a gallon of milk without accidentally buying a sports car. I'm running out of room for the damn things in my closet! Yeesh -government employees sometimes... >_<*

THIRTY of them? Yikes!! That's waaaay too many teenagers.

what on earth were you thinking (or were you drunk or something - because intoxication is a perfectly valid excuse)?!?

you, my dear, are completely NUTSO ;)

Drunk bloggin' rules... until you pass out on the keyboard and wake up with typewriter face.

I always want to take a picture of myself when drunk, dont' ask why! but I always forget cuz I might be having to much fun. one of these days i'll get drunk alone, and put the camera in front of me so i remember. lol

We'll be watching most carefully for your drunken blogging - and I for one will be a drunken blog reader! (breaking out the lime jello/tequila/triple-sec shooters...)