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but they were just going to use it to heat the baby's bottles


The CIA has in its hands the critical parts of a key piece of Iraqi nuclear technology -- parts needed to develop a bomb program -- that were dug up in a back yard in Baghdad, CNN has learned.

The parts were unearthed by Iraqi scientist Mahdi Obeidi who had hidden them in his back yard under a rose bush 12 years ago under orders from Qusay Hussein and Saddam Hussein's then son-in-law, Hussein Kamel.

Lets see how the moonbats play this one out. My guess: They'll call it fake, say it was planted or dismiss it as a lie.

Obeidi told CNN the parts of a gas centrifuge system for enriching uranium were part of a highly sophisticated system he was ordered to hide so as to be ready to rebuild the bomb program at some time in the future. [emphasis mine]

That future will not exist, thanks to our invasion of Iraq. I won't hold my breath waiting for anyone left of center to say anything of the sort, though.


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But, it was planted.

"The parts were unearthed by Iraqi scientist Mahdi Obeidi who had hidden them in his back yard under a rose bush 12 years ago..."

Twelve years ago-- not exactly an imminent threat. What may be more telling than it's existence is the fact that it remained buried and unused as long as it did.

No the headline will be "Iraq Dismantled and Buried Nuclear Program Decades Ago"

No I can't take credit for this one. Someone on LGF came up with it.

Democrats will do what Democrats do: change the subject and raise their voices.

"All the money that was spent digging up old machinery on the other side of the world could be spent on (insert liberal special interest group cause here)."

The Administration told us we had to invade RIGHT NOW!! because Saddam had all these weapons RIGHT NOW!! and he was liable to use them against us RIGHT NOW!!

"The capability to re-start a weapons program at an opportune future time" is not the same thing as RIGHT NOW!! You're gonna have to do better than this.


Looks like we should have waited until Saddam got the bomb.

Not until then would the danger be "right now".

To whomever:

We had him under control. He wasn't going to do anything anytime soon.

Oh, one other thing - what Michele said about "that future will not exist": I'd be a lot more confident about that if we'd bothered to secure the Tuwaitha facility before the looters got to it. Now that material is in God-knows-whose hands.


That's not what they said. The speeches are available on the White House's site (that's whitehouse.gov, mind you.)

"We had him under control." I'm sure that the relatives of all those dead people whose mass graves we have been digging up find great comfort in that memory.

Covering all the bases, eh Thlayli?

"We didn't have to go in because they didn't have weapons, but anyone could have the material now"

Yep, only $addam had it before and he never gave anything to terrori$t$ or paid off $suicide bomber$, so it's all our fault.


You mean the looted material that was recovered recently?


"God Knows" who's hands they're in? Try the IAEA.

Sorry to burst your bubble like that...

Besides, the missing material was mostly uranium yellowcake, which is so benign you can handle it with your bare hands. It takes a LOT of processing to make a bomb from it. Which is where the gas centrifuge would have come in....

A centrifuge that could have been used if the nuclear program was restarted doesn't exactly show there was a nuclear threat. Sure, its a clue, but a centrifuge from 12 years ago is no nuclear weapon.

All of which brings me to the point -- what do you have buried in your backyard, Michele? ;)

Wouldn't you like to know, Anthony? I'll tell you what, I'll give you the tour.

Come on over at midnight. Walk around back. Stand right next to that deep, dark hole and wait for me.


If Saddam were to rear his head tomorrow and launch a nuke at us, the libs would decree "See, he wasn't a threat until now! Bush lied! AlGore is the president! Allah praise Michael Moore!"

Robb: no, they'd cry "WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP HIM?!" to get that "damned if you do, damned if you don't" effect.

I have to admit, the red typed comment disclaimer is a bit disconcerting. I have the feeling that I'm about to make a mistake, even though all I'm doing is quoting an IAEA rep:

"The International Atomic Energy Agency said Thursday the parts that were found in Baghdad are not "evidence of a smoking gun" that proves Iraq had a current weapons of mass destruction program.

"The findings refer to material and documents of the pre-1991 Iraqi nuclear weapons program that have been well-known to the agency," said spokesman Mark Gwozdecky.

Norbizness, Washington said the exact same thing before the IAEA stepped in. If you follow the various reporting on this story, there's always a mention that Washington does not consider this a "smoking gun". So, yes, you made a mistake via a lousy implication.

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