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if only semen were a health aid

In keeping with the sperm theme today (well, there was a sperm theme this morning) I bring this health warning:

Kate doesn't have a NSFW warning on that link, but I'm nicer than her, so don't click the link on her site unless your boss likes monkey sex

In the event this warning has come too late, please take a teaspoon of syrup of ipepac to induce vomiting and see a veterenarian immediately, followed by a trip to the sex therapist.

Back away from the monkey, Frank!


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Hell, Michele. I am not safe for work, so I figured the fact that the links aren't went without saying.


I make it a practice to avoid sucking off monkeys. I have a husband who is a much better substitute.

I'm assuming parrot semen is still okay. I'm hoping for a second date.

Is Julie dating Kevin?

Well, there goes the national pastime.

Now all other monkeys will come with the sticker: "Semen safe for consumption."
As well they should.

I'm going to sue you for slander... or libel. Whichever one is the written one.

I think you're being a little HARD on the monkeys... Wocka wocka wocka!


"if only semen were a health aid"

JUST the other day I did a search for cure downloads and this article came up in my search:
Can semen cure the blues?

Hmmm... I seem to be doing something wrong with the linkage, so here's the url to copy/paste.

Seems semen may have an anti-depressant effect!!


Oops again... the above post/url was me.

quietly leaving comments section now

Lori is absolutely right. It does have a very strong antidepressant effect. I'll have to ask my wife if it's good for her, too.